World’s Largest Capacity Flash Drive

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From cash to clothing everything is going digital today, and the same case goes with the storage of data.

Today we want every single information stored digitally in our devices, but for that, we are in a need for portable gadgets that are huge in storage size. This is where Flash Drives and Hard Drives come into existence.

Both of them are incredibly reliable, but when we talk about portability, Flash drives have an upper hand. So basically we are in a need of Flash Drives with the memory size larger than many of the Hard Drives available. If you too feel the need to have a flash drive with great storage size, then this article is for you.

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Largest Capacity USB Flash Drive

The world’s largest capacity flash drive is being shipped by the world leader in memory products, Kingston Digital. Released in 2017, the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT is the world’s largest capacity USB flash drive. The size of the Flash Drive is whooping 2 TB (TeraByte).

Introduction To Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

The Flash Drive looks like other normal flash drives, but far exceeds them when it comes to memory size. The zinc alloy metal casing of Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT makes it more durable and shock-resistant. The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT comes in two different variants of 1TB and 2TB.

The Flash Drive is capable of storing about 70 hours of 4K resolution footage, making it a gadget, we all should check out. Given its qualities and storage size, Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT comes at a price of Price not available (updated on 2023-03-25).

Kingston Digital 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT USB 3.1/3.0 300MB/s R, 200MB/S Flash Drive (DTUGT/2TB)
  • 2 terabyte capacity storage
  • Scorching Fast speeds — rated speeds of 300MB/s read and 200MB/s write

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Not only in terms of capacity (memory size), Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT is also the fastest flash drives in the Kingston family that save users time.

It gives a seamless performance. Both the variants of Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT provides reading (Copying from Flash Drive) speed of up to 300MB/s and writing (Copying to Flash Drive) speed of up to 200MB/s with USB 3.1 Gen 1², which is faster than the traditional Hard drives.


The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT can easily be used with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7.1(SP1), macOS(v. 10.10.x+), Linux v.2.6.x+, Chrome™ OS, in other words, you can say, it is amazingly compatible with almost every operating system in the market today.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT Features & Specifications

Till now we can say that the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT is a gem for those who want to store large information in a single device. Now let us take a look at the other features and specifications of it.

1. Body: The flash Drive is cased with a Zinc Alloy Metal, making it look shiny and giving it a rich look. Other than that, the Zinc metal makes the device shock-resistant and ideal for transferring even a large amount of data swiftly.

2. Warranty: Both the Flash Drives (1 TB and 2 TB) comes with 5 years of warranty and free technical support.

3. Dimensions: Both the Flash Drives (1TB and 2TB) have the same dimensions. Being 75.18mm x 27mm  x 21.02mm in size makes Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT perfectly sized and pocket fit.

4. Temperature Durability: With an operating temperature between 0° to 60° and the storage temperature between -20° to 85°, the device can sustain enormously high and low temperature.

Given the storage capacity, Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT can be said as the best Flash Drive available in the market. Other than that, the Flash drive also amazes us with its size, compatibility, and speed.

Upcoming Largest USB Flash Drive

Observing the cut-throat competition prevailing in the market, we can say that the companies are always ready to make a move and surpass the competitor product. Saying that here we discuss with you an upcoming largest Flash Drive that is going to transcend the existing one.

World's Largest Flash Drive - SanDisk 4TB
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SanDisk is soon going to launch its Flash Drive with a staggering 4 TB of storage capacity. It is not a hoax, the company has actually flashed the product at CES (Consumer Technology Association) 2019. The product seems to have a metallic body and a size that fits into the pocket easily. The Flash Drive also has a USB-C attached to a small cable for much faster file transfer.

Sadly, there is not much revealed about the product yet, but we hope the company shares the specifications of the product soon.


The Kingston for sure amazed us with their largest Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT USB Flash Drive . The huge storing capacity, data transfer speed, decent size and the compatibility of the product makes us curious to check out the product at least once.

Not only Kingston but the SanDisk also amazed us with their product. Hopefully, they are going to launch it soon.

So are you excited about the new SanDisk Flash Drive? Tell us in the comments below and stay connected to TechUntold to never deprive of the tech secrets.

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