How to change Facebook color to any color

From February 2004, when Facebook was founded, it has changed the look and feel, introduced many new features but didn’t changed one thing that is the color of Facebook. The color of Facebook is same as from when it was founded. Actually their is a reason behind why Facebook is blue in color and why they are no changing it. But you can change Facebook color with the help of Google Chrome.

Using Google Chrome extensions you can easily change the default blue color of Facebook to any desired color of yours. Two extensions will be needed in order to completely change Facebook color as if it is a new theme. Below are the methods to install both the extensions.

Change Facebook Color

Steps to change Facebook Body Color

Below goes the method through which you will be getting new look and feel by changing Facebook body color.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Directly go to Chrome Web Store or open a new tab in chrome, click on Apps on top left side and then hit Web Store in order to open Web Store to install extension.
  • In search box on left side, type in “Facebook color changer” and press to change facebook color to any color - extensions
  • Next, you will see Facebook color changer under Apps section as well as in Extension section.
  • In Extension section, click on ADD TO CHROME. It will ask for the confirmation, click on Add. It will take few seconds to install.
  • After extension gets added to chrome, you can now open your Facebook account. You will see a pink color Facebook icon on top right side in address bar. Click on it.
  • After clicking on the icon, it will pop-up a list of colors from which you can select different desired colors. That’s it, the color of Facebook has changed.

As you might have also noticed that using this extension the Facebook bar color is not changing. You can even change that too with the help of Facebook color changer extension.

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Steps to install Facebook Color Changer for Facebook Bar

  • You can search for Facebook color changer in search box of Chrome Web Store. Or can directly go to Facebook color changer extension.
  • Click on ADD TO CHROME. Next click on Add button.
  • After extension get installed, you can open your Facebook account. In the Facebook bar, a mini pink color fb icon will appear.
  • Click on that fb icon, a fb color changer window will open from where you can set Facebook default color to any color.

Note: The color changed of your Facebook profile will not be reflected in all the browsers or apps, the selected color will be shown on the current chrome browser you are using. In other browsers you will see the default color of Facebook.

By using both the extensions mentioned above you can make perfect blending of colors to have a whole new colorful Facebook for yourself.


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