How To See Someone’s Location On Facebook Messenger In Four Different Ways (With Video)

How to see someone's location on Facebook Messenger

If you’re a parent, a worried spouse, or just a friend who’s curious about where your pal is at the moment, you’ve probably already wondered about how to track someone on Facebook Messenger. Up until recently, only governments and powerful entities could perform location tracking since doing so required a complex process as well as … Read more

How To Hide Birthday On Facebook And Why You May Want To Do It

How To Hide Birthday On Facebook

Do you have your birthday on Facebook for everyone to see? Maybe you’re trying to prevent friends and family from asking you to throw a party. Maybe you get annoyed when seeing notifications from random people greeting you on your birthday. Or maybe, having your birthday out for the public to see is just something … Read more

What Is OBJ On Facebook Posts? All You Need To Know About OBJ Meaning

What Is OBJ On Facebook Posts? All You Need To Know About This Weird Symbol

OBJ on Facebook posts is an “object replacement character” in Unicode that’s used as a text placeholder for an otherwise unspecified object. OBJ meaning is that this is a replacement for a character that can’t be displayed on your screen. So you’ve posted something on Facebook, perhaps something cheerful, with a delightful little emoji to … Read more

What Does Facebook User Mean? Mystery Solved!

What Does Facebook User Mean? Mystery Solved!

What does Facebook User mean? You probably saw this term while scrolling through your old conversations. Actually, Facebook User is simply a stand-in term that Facebook uses to label conversations with users who have deactivated or deleted accounts. So you’re looking at your Facebook Messenger, scrolling through your conversations. Suddenly, you see something curious: a … Read more

Seeing A Blank Facebook Profile Or Facebook Messenger Blank Profile Picture? Here’s Why (And How To Fix It)

Seeing A Blank Facebook Profile? Here's Why (And How To Fix It)

When someone you’ve messaged before suddenly has a blank Facebook profile, you may find yourself wondering, It can be especially unnerving if the person is strictly an online friend. In this article, I’ll cover each possible reason for finding a blank Facebook profile or Facebook Messenger blank profile picture and, if possible, what to do about … Read more

Master The Art Of Ignoring: How To Ignore Messages On Messenger With Video

How to Ignore and Unignore Messages on Facebook

You can ignore messages on Messenger by following these steps: Open Messenger and go to the conversation you want to ignore. Click on the person’s name. Tap on “Ignore Messages” or “Restrict.” The “Ignore Messages” feature is now called “Restrict” on the Messenger app on Android and iOS. Do you ever get random messages on … Read more

Facebook vs Facebook Lite: Which One To Use?

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

A while ago, Facebook introduced a new messaging app called Facebook Lite which is specifically designed for those users who face Internet connection issues. The main idea of the new app and the old one is still the same and they share similar functionality. For example, you can ignore and unignore messages in both of … Read more

Never Miss Your Friends’ Birthdays: How To Get Birthday Notifications On Facebook

Never Miss Your Friends' Birthdays: How To Get Birthday Notifications On Facebook

You can get birthday notifications on Facebook by enabling them from the settings. Go to profile settings > notifications > birthdays. From there, toggle the “Allow notifications on Facebook” option to receive birthday notifications. Do you keep forgetting your friends’ birthdays? I do. Call me absentminded or scatty, but I seemed to keep doing this. … Read more

How To Turn Off Continuous Contacts Syncing In Facebook Messenger

How to Turn Off Continuous Syncing in Messenger

Facebook Messenger asks you to sync your phone contacts while you install it for the first time. If you allow it to do so then all your contacts information is shared with Facebook as well as Messenger. Such information helps Facebook to serve you better by providing relevant suggestions. However, if you are not fine … Read more