How To See Someone’s Location On Facebook Messenger In Four Different Ways (With Video)

How to see someone's location on Facebook Messenger

If you’re a parent, a worried spouse, or just a friend who’s curious about where your pal is at the moment, you’ve probably already wondered about how to track someone on Facebook Messenger. Up until recently, only governments and powerful entities could perform location tracking since doing so required a complex process as well as … Read more

Can You Ignore and Unignore Messages On Facebook? Yes – And Here’s How

How to Ignore and Unignore Messages on Facebook

Many people use Facebook Messenger to connect with friends and loved ones. But of course, there are also sometimes when you just don’t feel like talking, either in general or with a specific person. Maybe you’re simply not in the mood, or maybe you just don’t want to communicate with that person – not now, … Read more