4 thoughts on “Instagram Not Sharing To Facebook? Here’s How To Fix This Problem”

  1. Hi,
    I have a business FB account and a business IG account. All was working well, sharing posts and stories with no problems. I was trying to do something on IG and changed my account to a personal account, I then switched it back to a business account…..now IG won’t share posts or stories to FB. I’ve tried all of your suggestions (except for the last one- I don’t want to lose all my past IG posts) The two look like they’re linked but I can’t get them to share posts or stories. I’m so frustrated!!

    • It appears you are not the only one, mine quit working a month ago, when I had no issues prior to, and I never switched from business to personal. I have done every step in this article, including trying to contact IG and FB(ever going to hear back) And nothing online seems to help! I hope you find a solution.

      Hope someone finds a solution and adds it here. I will be back if I do!

      • I’m having trouble too. My business fb page is showing that it is linked to my business ig page… however, when I go to actually make a post in ig, it is automatically linking to post on my personal page, and there’s no way to change it.


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