Instantly Invert Colors On Windows And Mac

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Inverting colors of the display whether it’s a Windows PC or Mac helps in reducing the eye strain due to long activity in front of the screen. Not only this, but it also helps color blind people and those who are sensitive to bright colors especially from the LED screens. You might wonder how you to invert the color of the screen on your system. Well, that’s something we can help you with. In this article, we have mentioned a few methods and the steps that will invert colors on your Windows PC and Mac. Without further ado let’s get started.

Invert Colors On Windows

Method 1 – Using Magnifier Option On Windows 7, 8, 10

1. You can use these steps to invert colors on Windows 7 and 8. Even on Windows 10 Using Magnifier Accessibility option. Head over to Control Panel, search for Ease of Access Center and open it.

invert color on windows - Ease of Access center

Or press the Windows+U key on the keyboard to open the Ease of Acess center directly. It will work on all the versions of Windows.

2. Now Inside the Ease Of Access Center, you will see the Start Magnifier option, click on it.

magnifier tool

3. After the magnifier window opens, click on the settings or cog wheel icon. This will open a new window for magnifier settings.

Magnifier Windows

4. Here you can see the option Turn on color inversion.

turn on color inversion

Checkmark the box in front of it and you will see the color of the screen change immediately. Or you can also use the keyboard shortcut, left Ctrl+left Alt+I only when the magnifier window is open.

how to turn on color inversion on windows

5. You can disable it by simply unchecking the same box in front of Turn on color inversion or press the shortcut keys.

Method 2 – On Windows 10 Using System Settings

1. If you want a much simpler method for inverting color on Windows 10 then use this instead. On Windows 10, you can also go to Start menu<Settings<Ease Of Access.

2. From the left panel select Magnifier. Now, on the right-hand side, you will have the toggle button to turn it on. Once you do that, you can directly switch the color inversion on/off from using the Invert Color toggle switch as shown in the screenshot below.

Invert Colors Windows 10

Method 3 – Using Keyboard Shortcuts

1. If you don’t want to go through the steps from the above methods then you can simply use the keyboard shortcuts on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

2. Press left Ctrl+left Alt+Print screen keys on the keyboard. Now a dialog box will appear asking you to confirm to turn on the high contrast option. Select Yes.

invert color on windows Using Keyboard Shortcuts

It may take a while to apply the settings so be patient. This will technically not invert the color but increase the contrast of the display which is somewhere similar to color inversion as it results in dark screen mode.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Method 4 – Invert Colors In Paint

This method will not invert the color of the display, but the images using paint color inversion. You can take screenshots of the screen or display and then invert its color.

Open any desired image or screenshot in paint application. Right-click anywhere on the image screen and then you can see the option for invert color.

color inversion in paint on windowsSelect it and see the results yourself. This method will invert the color of images in Paint on all the versions of Windows.

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Invert Colors On Mac

Method 1 – Using Accessibility Option

1. Click on the Apple logo at the top of the screen and from there select System Preferences.

2. Inside system preferences, navigate to Accessibility and the on the left side panel select the Display option.

Invert Colors On macOS Sierra

3. Now you can see the Invert colors option. Mark the checkbox in front of it to invert colors. To disable it, simply unmark the same option.

4. You can also access the Accessibility menu and invert the color using the keyboard shortcut. Just press Command+Option+F5 at the same time and the Accessibility menu will appear.

invert the color using the keyboard shortcut on macOS

From here under the Display, you will see the Invert display colors option, checkmark the box to enable and uncheck to disable the inversion.

Methos 2 – Invert Color Of A Picture Using Preview On Mac

1. If you are looking to invert the color of the picture on Mac just like we did on Paint for Windows, then you can do it using Preview. Open the desired image in Preview.

2. Then click on the Tools option and from there select Adjust Color… This will open the window where you will see the bars to set color tone for the image.

invert color of picture using Preview Mac

You can use this option to invert the color of the images as per your requirements. I would recommend you to set the saturation to the minimum and exchange the positions of color markers at the two ends in the histogram to get the inverted color effect.

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These were the methods and techniques to invert the colors of display and pictures on Windows and macOS Sierra. We hope you were able to use these methods and invert colors easily.

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