Best Music Creation Apps, Hardware and Tools

In this article, we share about the best Music Creation apps and Hardware. Everybody can be an artist with these music tools and apps for Android and iOS.

The Music Industry has gone through a sea change. The quality of music may be improving, but the quality of the artists has definitely come down. How could this be possible? Thanks to the geeks out there, all the musicians are looking good. Technology has improved so considerably, that anybody with an iPad or a laptop can become an artist.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take one of the biggest pop stars in the world. This young artist makes millions of dollars, has millions of fans and has the most liked picture on Instagram in its history.

She is famous for her music, but can she sing? See for yourself.

So what makes the artist these days? It’s the technology. It’s the marketing and it’s how different they are. Artists are getting churned out by the day and a lot of them don’t understand the basics of Instruments because of the existing technology. The new genres of music like EDM also get a lot of help from tools and software.

Today we cover a series of music-based apps that will make anybody feel like a world-class artist.

Best Music Creation Apps

Music Creation Apps

1. Ninja Jamm

Ninja Jamm is one of those apps that you can use to impress your friends with. If you are a budding artist and you want to a beat going for your next track, learn some basics about synth and beats and use Ninja Jamm to get your first set of tunes going. Depending on your genre, you can pick a base beat. This can be Techno, Hip Hop or even Dubstep.

Music creation apps

Some of you might wonder, what’s the point of copying a base tune if I can’t make it myself. The good news is, even the top artists in the world exchange and store base tunes for future uses.

iOS | Android

2. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! is a Karaoke app that can make you sound amazing. Sing! has a set of features where you can synthesize your voice to sound better or different. With Sing! you can also build a fan following. A video that went viral a few months back, had the singer Jessie J singing along with her fan who sounded better than her. Platforms like this can really step up the brand positioning of budding artists. It’s also a fun app where you can sing with your friends and have fun.

Best Music creation tools

Best Music creation apps

iOS | Android

3. Figure on iTunes

This is a truly exciting application available only on iOS. If this review doesn’t convince you to get this app, then nothing will.

Figure Music creation app review

Figure makes it super easy to make it music by giving you a base. If a professional musician uses a Free app to make music then you can imagine how far music has come. Figure helps you make music and beats and with the help of Allihoopa you can collaborate with other artists. Figure’s interface is extremely simple and that makes it gorgeous.

Figure Music creation app


4. The Drum Machine

A song needs a beat going for it and one instrument that has been providing this for years has been the drums. The D1 Drum machine can help you find the perfect drum beat for your song.

Music creation apps for iOS

The Interface is one of the best, of all music apps and is broken down into 5 sections.

The Step Sequencer uses the multi-touch functionality to help you create a sequence of beats which can be totally new. The Drum Pads are similar to playing the drums and recording it. The Mixer functionality helps in mixing the different kits. If you want to bring a bit of electronic to your beats, then use the FX Trackpads to texturize and robotize the beats. The Song Composer is the last piece of the puzzle that helps you make a song with the beats that you just created.

Music creation software

Music making is not only about software, but the hardware as well, let’s look at some!


Music Creation Hardware

1. Focusrite iTrack Professional Doc for Recording

If you were ever worried about having to figure out a recording studio at least cost being a young singer, then fret not. Technologists have again made it easy for artists to make better music. In this case, it’s the iTrackiPad Dock.

Music creation hardware

The iTrack is an iPad based recording studio with which you can capture guitar sounds and also record music seamlessly through the built-in Tape software. iTrack also seamlessly works with music making apps like GarageBand and Auria.

At $150, you get a full styled recording studio that can be worked through the iPad.

Focusrite iTrack on Amazon

2. JAM Guitar Recording

Apogee is a solid company and they’ve come up with the JAM. JAM is a guitar recording tool that lets you connect your electric guitar to the iPad and record fabulous music. So If you are hitting the right chords, you need to make sure you record it. It’s a small pocket sized device that can go where you go.

Music creation tools

It’s quick and easy to set up and because of its size you can practically record music anywhere you want.

JAM Studio Quality Guitar on Amazon

Becoming a successful artist is hard, there is a lot of hard work involved. But, as I’ve mentioned in this article, the process of the beginning has become much easier thanks to the technology. If you are a budding artist, start off with the apps and hardware we’ve covered today and start your own career!

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