7 Of The Best Android Automation Apps To Automate Tasks

Best Android automation apps

Smartphones were designed for easing up our day to day activities. And if that’s not enough for you then you can also automate tasks on your phone. It can be anything either from switching off Bluetooth when not connected to any device within 5 minutes or simply setting up the alarm. This way you can … Read more

7 Best Baseball Games For Android You Should Know

best baseball games for android offline online

Do you know what is more fun than watching baseball? Playing baseball. I know with such a hectic schedule and busy life, we all don’t get enough time to play this sport outside. But we can always play this game on our smartphones. That way, we can have fun and also manage to cooperate with our … Read more

7 Best Android App Killers To Boost Device Performance

best android app killers

Has it ever happened that your smartphone starts giving trouble? You are not able to use it as it does not respond in time and the battery drains faster than the usual. This could be due to the apps that run on the background. You can use app killers to eliminate or close such kind of activity. … Read more

7 Best Sudoku Apps For Android To Improve Logical Ability

Sudoku is a very simple yet challenging number game. You have to use your intelligence and place number in the given grid. Earlier you would find games like crosswords and Sudoku in newspapers but with time the apps for such games became available for smartphones. There are no additions, multiplications of numbers here, so you … Read more

7 Best Video Players For Android You Should Be Using In 2018

Best Video Players For Android

Viewing movies, TV shows, and videos on smartphones has become very common. Just carry your smartphone with all the media files you want and watch them anytime anywhere. But has it ever happened that you want to play a video but the player does not support that video format? Or even though it plays the … Read more

5 Best Riddle Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you looking for riddle apps that can help you to do brainstorming?  There are plenty of apps available for Android and iPhone users out of which I am listing the best riddle apps for you. These apps will let you share brain teasers with anyone on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and many other mediums. Almost … Read more