5 Of The Best Assistive Touch For Android To Enjoy Quick Access

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I was facing an issue with my Android phone just a few days back. Somehow the power button on the side rim just fell off.

I tried to get a new one but it was not available in the market. Tried managing to switch it on by other means but struggled with taking screenshots. It was a nightmare. 

Then I saw one of my friends using Assistive Touch on his phone. So, I decided to give it a try.

Even you could be struggling with these kinds of issues. Maybe your volume keys are not working or there is an issue with your home button. If you are also facing similar issues on your Android phone then these best assistive touch for Android are for you. These apps will give you an AssistiveTouch like iPhone.

Best Assistive Touch For Android To Get Floating Touch

1. Assistive Touch iOS 14

By LuuTinh Developer

Assistive Touch App

One of the best Assistive Touch app in the Google Play market, this app sports the sleek look of the iOS 14 assistive touch ball. It also helps you perform certain functions on your screen, allowing you to protect the physical buttons.

You can toggle more or less a dozen phone actions with the app too, from turning your Wi-Fi on and off, taking screenshots, screen recording, and even toggling favorite apps.


You can also customize its color and size in the control menu. Best of all, the app is completely free, which means you don’t have to worry about paying anything.

On the downside, it only supports Android versions 4.1 and up. It also has quite a few bugs, including user-reported instances of the control dock disappearing when the keyboard is opened, missing overlay functions, and the assistive ball disappearing when going to the home screen.

But considering that the app was developed by an indie developer, and it’s free, it’s a great choice for those who are willing to wait for it to become developed fully.

assistive-touch ios 14


  • iOS 14 aesthetics
  • Customizable color and size
  • Easy to use
  • Toggle favorite apps
  • Free


  • Only for Android 4.1 above
  • Still a bit buggy

Click here to download it from Google Play.

2. Floating Toolbox

By DroidTBX

Floating tolbox best assistive touch for Android

For just 804kb, this Assistive Touch app alternative is a treat. You will get a floating icon on your screen which simply opens a drop-down of apps on touching. It is quite different from other floating touch apps on Android because of its small size and unique design.

In the free version, you can add up to a maximum of 5 apps whereas in the Pro version you can add unlimited apps. You can change the appearance of the floating icon by changing its size and transparency. By upgrading to the premium version, you also get toggle options, recent apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many more features.

Floating toolbox Android

You can also sort apps ordering according to your own convenience. Unfortunately, there is no option for capturing screenshots but still, it is worth giving a try.

Click here to download

3. Simple Control

By CoolAce

Simple control navigation bar android gesture app

Like most of the custom gesture apps, this app also lets you easily navigate using touch rather than physical buttons. This app is especially best for those users who don’t have working navigation buttons on their phones.

Primarily it lets you access recent apps, home screen, and back button with a single touch. You have the option to change or modify them in settings through which you can access the camera and other apps just by touching the same icons for a longer duration.

Simple control navigation bar

There’s a possibility to change the appearance of these icons by simply selecting from the icons provided by the developers. You can also alter the position of these icons by changing the height, width, and position them in the Active Edge settings.

Click here to download

4. Assistive Touch For Android

By Assistive Touch Team

Assistive Touch for Android

This is one of the best assistive apps for Android on Google Play. Although it consumes only minimal RAM, it’s chock-full of helpful features.

It’s intuitive and smooth, so you won’t have difficulty learning how to use it. You can also turn it on and off,  just like with the iPhone’s assistive touch button.

In terms of performance, it can toggle 20 useful phone actions, including screen recording, screenshot, lock screen, and multi-tasking functions. You can even toggle your favorite apps by simply adding them to the list of options. While you’re there, you can also customize the assistive touch button’s color and display.


However, this app requires you to approve a lot of permissions, which some users might be hesitant about. It also only supports Android 5.0 and up, limiting who can use it. Lastly, it’s not clear exactly where the app stores its downloaded data, something that might be a hassle for some users.



  • Doesn’t use a lot of RAM
  • Subtle, customizable appearance
  • Smooth user experience
  • Can toggle 20 useful phone actions
  • Has the option to toggle favorite apps
  • Easy to use


  • Requires a lot of privacy permissions to use
  • Only supports Android 5.0 and above
  • Downloaded data storage is unclear

Click here to download

5. iSwipe Phone X

By ITTech

iswipe phoneX

If you have used an iPhone before then this will be the most appealing app to you (among other similar apps for Android). It is basically a control center just like in iOS.

On the top left corner, you have your settings shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, and all. You also have a mini music player. The user can also control brightness and volume control from shortcuts and also can select night mode for better usability.

iswipe phoneX - android assistive touch app

At the bottom part, you will have the shortcut to apps like Flashlight, clock, calculator, and Camera. And of course, you can always change these settings depending on your own choice and at any time.

Click on this link in Google Play to download

Final Words

All these best Assistive Touch for Android are a life savior. They can help in so many ways to overcome issues with your device buttons or screen. If you want to install only one app instead of trying all five, I would definitely recommend Assistive Touch For Android.

If you are looking for such an app for your kid’s phone, make sure to also install a parental control app. Here’s a list of free apps that do it well.

What’s your favorite assistive touch app? Tell us in the comments!

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