7 Best Clipboard Manager Apps For Android

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Sometimes, we need to copy more than one text while we are surfing the Internet or reading something on our phone. Android clipboard copies just one item at a time. It is often more problematic when you forgot to paste some copied item and then you copy some other stuff. In that case, you cannot recover clipboard history and the text that was copied is lost. So, we bring you the best clipboard manager apps to copy & paste without any inconvenience.

Top Clipboard Manager Android Apps

1. Clipboard Actions

Best android clipboard manager - Clipboard Actions

It is currently highest rated clipboard app on Google Play Store. It is very easy to use and the best thing about this app is, its Ads-free. Whatever you copy, anywhere on your phone, will be automatically saved in the app.

You can edit the text by long pressing on a particular item or just copy it by swiping left. The app allows you to delete the copied text by swiping right. You can share the text directly on Instagram Direct, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail etc.

There are other shortcuts for copied link texts. By tapping on them they will automatically perform certain actions in the browser of your phone. Like you can search or translate the text in other languages by tapping on the dedicated icons. The app also has the feature to speak the text when you tap on speak icon given below the copied text option.

Also, this app can store the links you copy online and it is possible to shorten them too in the app only.

Apps link: Android

2. Native Clipboard

Best clipboard and keyboard - Native Clipboard

Native Clipboard is one of the best apps to store the copied text on your phone. Like other apps, all the items copied anywhere on your phone can be found automatically in this app.

Not just a clipboard but this app also has an inbuilt keyboard which is basically a catalog of all your copied texts. While typing on Facebook, WhatsApp, blogs, notes anywhere, you just have to switch from Google Keyboard to Native Keyboard and all the copied items will appear in a keyboard. You can tap on your suitable text to paste them.

You may change font size and theme of the app. There is no limit for the number of items to be copied but you can minimize the capacity.

App link: Android

3. Clip Stack

Best copy paste app - Clip Stack

Clip Stack is one of the best clipboard manager apps and is currently rated 4.6 on Google Play Store. It has a good interface and it is Ads-free. There is a copy button in front of every text on the main screen to copy the text quickly.

You can also bookmark the text to access important texts separately by toggling ‘star‘ at the top. You can take a backup of all the items to SD-card or Google Drive. This app can also be used for taking and saving notes.

App link: Android

4. Universal Copy

Copy Facebook, Instagram texts - Universal Copy

This app is not to store your texts or other items. Yet, it can be a very useful app for you. Many sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram etc don’t allow you to copy stuff. By using this app you can easily copy anything that you would like to save for later use.

You just have to grant all the access and a shortcut of the app will appear in your notification bar. For coying anything, tap on ‘Universal Copy’ notification on the notification bar and it will be activated. You can then easily copy the item you like.

Remember that the items are not stored in the app. So either you paste the text immediately anywhere or install a separate clipboard manager from.

App link: Android

5. Multi Clipboard

Copy to clipboard app - Multi Clipboard

This app is best suitable for you if you want an app for taking notes as well as managing your clipboard. You can copy the stored items directly with a one-touch dedicated button.

You can also change the color of an item, shift an item to notes or share it directly with other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail etc. All the notes and clips can be sorted or even deleted at once by choosing from the menu.

App link: Android 

6. Clipper

Copy paste app android - Clipper clipboard

Clipper is currently the most used clipboard app for Android with more than one million users. Like all other apps, the text is copied to the app automatically if you copy anything on your phone.

To copy any clipping from the app you can tap on it on the main screen only. It has other options like ‘view’, ‘edit’, ‘delete’, ‘pin’, etc. You can also save snippets like emails or signatures you often use on your phone. There is a separate section for ‘Snippets’. You can create a ‘list’ of your own too where you can save items related to that category. For example, Office, Captions, Shower thoughts etc.

Please remember that it can only store up to 20 clippings. For more storage capacity and Ads-free access, you can install its paid version.

App link: Android

7. My Clipboard

best clipboard manager apps - My clipboard

This is a simple but useful clipboard app for Android that can store up to 500 items by default. You can maximize or minimize this number from the settings too. The stored clips can be copied by just tapping on them on the home screen only.

For other features like ‘share’, ‘edit’, and ‘delete’, you need to swipe left or right on the item. If you think that a particular text is important, you can even bookmark it and access separately and you can also search using the search button on top. You can also change the colors of the app.

In the settings, if you toggle ‘Hide after click on a record’, the app will automatically close after you copy a stored item in the app.

App link: Android

So, no more worrying about accessing the copied texts on your Android phone. Just install the most suitable copy paste app or apps from the list and manage all your clipboard items. If you have some issues with these apps or you are using any other good app for your clipboard, let us know in the comments.

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