5 Best Font Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you bored of the same white & gray text and the font which comes by default on the smartphone? Or you want to surprise your friends with stylish fonts? No worries, here are some of the best font apps for Android and iPhone that will let you add a large variety of fonts to your device. Not only this you can even change the size of your fonts by scaling it to a level which is soothing to your eyes. Some of the apps even offer colorful fonts with stylish emojis. Have a look.

Get Cool Typography With These Best Font Apps

On studying and researching about various apps, I came up with the best apps for fonts for your device. So if you have Android or iPhone then try out the below apps.

1) iFont

typography apps for fonts -ifont

Thinking of changing the font style? Then go with iFont, one of the best font apps for iPhone. You just need to search for the fonts and import it. Once you do that, you can compare a particular font with others in order to come out with the best one.

You can use the selected font on various apps like keynote and pages. Please note that the app does not allow you to change the font of your system.

Link: App Store

2) Cool Fonts

apps for font in iphone -cool fonts

Next app for fonts for iOS is similar to FancyKey Android app. It adds the keyboard to your iPhone having a variety of fonts. Use it to message your friends with amazing fonts styles and post on Facebook and comments on other social media sites with cool fonts.

The app supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires minimum iOS 8.0 version. So pick up your iOS device and get this free app from App Store to have the all new look of cool fonts.

Link: App Store

3) FancyKey Keyboard – Cool

best font apps for android -fancykey

To get away with the boring white and gray keyboard and static fonts, use FancyKey keyboard app. This is one of the best font apps for your Android device. It adds keyboard having beautiful fonts and cool emojis.

Apart from this, you have a freehand to customize the keyboard. You can add typing effects with sound. It is also possible to set the image on keyboard background and change the color of the keyboard.

Link: Play Store

4) HiFont

stylish fonts app -hifont

HiFont is another app in the best fonts app list. Install this app on your Android device to give it a whole new look & feel with cool and stylish fonts. The app supports Android 4.1 and upper versions and if you are using Android 4.4+ then you can also enjoy adding colored fonts to your smartphone.

For some of the Samsung Galaxy phone series, it does not require rooting while for Android phones from some companies like HTC, Motorola, Huawei and Lenovo it requires rooting.

Link: Play Store

5) Big font

apps for big fonts on android -big font

This app is quite unique from others in the list. This app will change the font size on your device. The app claims to increase the font size from 20% to 1000%. Increase or decrease the font size using font scale slider, preview it and then apply to change the default device font size.

Why strain your eyes when you have the Big font app available for free on Play Store. Also, the app supports older versions of Android, you just need to have Android 2.3 or later version on your device to get it.

Link: Play Store

So you have a list of 5 apps to try out for stylish and better fonts on your smartphone. Choose the best one for your iPhone or Android device and surprise your friends. Do comment below if you have any other typography apps to share.

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