5 Best PMP Apps to Prepare For Exam Certification

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Smartphones have evolved as one of the quintessential devices which provide high value in all aspects of our lives. In recent years, it is a growing trend among many students to use the medium of smartphones in preparing for various competitive exams. This usage highlights the fact that smartphones can also be used to follow up things in life.

As opposed to earlier perceptions, smartphones nowadays can holistically meet all the requirements of a student by making use of all kinds of educational applications. On the other hand, amidst this progress, the aspects of project managers are not forgotten. There is always a risk associated with books in preparing for a PMP examination as many books have the wrong edition. But taking help from a PMP(Project Management Professional) app eliminates this type of risk. Here is the list of best PMP apps that can be used by a student to prepare for exams.

Best PMP Apps for Android and iOS

1. PMP® Exam Prep Guide

PMP® Exam Prep Guide app

If you are on the mission to find an application that would assist you in your PMP examinations, then this PMP Exam Prep Guide app is your best bet. It is available for free in the Google Play Store. It provides the basic knowledge on several aspects of Project Management. On the other hand, this application is suitable for those whose smartphone runs on Android 2.2 or higher.

This application includes flashcards from all sources. It is considered as one of the best applications that have numeric ranges and convenient user interface. It also includes a customized search window with the help of which formulas and arithmetic problems become much easier for the student to solve. The best thing is that the app is available for free.

Play Store

2. PMstudy’s PMP®/CAPM® Terms

PMstudy PMP®CAPM® Terms app

Many professionals are rushing behind the PMP Certification Exam, not only because it’s high in demand, but also because it gives them the nerve to tell bosses that they are ready to accomplish higher levels of project management. To make sure you get the certification it is important for you to either go for PMP certification training like this or prepare from your smartphone using this app.

The app comprises of a series of important terms and definitions that can be used effectively in the exam preparation.

It is available for free of cost in Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. Numerous applications are offering Project Management progressions. And most of these progressions are running online.But none possess the usability of PMstudy’s PMP®/CAPM® as it includes a student-friendly UI.

Play Store | App Store

3. PMP® Exam Prep

PMP® Exam Prep

It is a professionally built application that is suitable for devices running Android 2.1 or higher and comes from the reputed Pocket Prep. It has a collection of more than 1000 questions and 14 quiz sets that are very helpful in preparing for a PMP exam. This is a course where candidates are taught to how to handle and manage different projects and get the best results out of it.

The face of education is changing, and this can be acknowledged from the massive reception online based teaching apps got from the users. If you are interested, you too can download an application like the PMP® Exam Prep.

Play Store | App Store

4. PMP® Exam Prep 1.0

PMP® Exam Prep 1.0 app

It comes from the house of Xtreme eSolutions and is one of the best-rated developers in the Play Store for PMP examinations. With the help of this app, a lot of unsolved problems related to the PMP course can be efficiently solved. Moreover, the developer of this application has promised regular updates so that the application is up-to-date with all the latest concepts in Project Management. Quite interestingly, this app also includes a separate notes section with the help of which the students would find it exactly like a book.


5. PMP® Exam Trainer Free

PMP® Exam Trainer Free app

It is a free application that is developed by DynamicsApps GmbH and is exclusively available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Moreover, this application has both exam and study modes with the bonus of a review option. Quite interestingly it has a subset of around 800 questions that can be very helpful in preparing a student for a PMP examination.

App Store

These were some of the apps for the preparation of PMP certification exam. Which are you going to use? Let us know in the comments.

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