7 Best Apps like Letgo for Buying & Selling Products

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Letgo, one of the best app to buy and sell items online by placing ads. As its name says let go of the things that are unnecessary for you by uploading its photo and getting buyers for it. If Letgo app is not working for you or if it is not meeting your requirements and you are looking for an alternative to it, then you can go with other apps available on Android and iPhone. Here are 7 apps like Letgo which will let you buy and sell products nearby to your location. Have a look.

7 Buy & Sell Apps Like Letgo

1) Carousell

similar apps like letgo -carousell

Why to mess up your home with old unused stuff when you have an app called Carousell. Using Carousell site or app you can sell from small items to big ones like cars. Once you upload your items, the app will automatically find the best fit category of your product and mark it under that category. Apart from this, if you want to buy something of your interest, you can directly chat with the seller using this app.

Carousell is one of the best alternatives to Letgo app and is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Link: Carousell for Android/Carousell for iOS

2) Quickr


Quickr, as its name says, quickly buy or sell items. Take a picture of the item you want to sell, upload it on Quickr and start getting alerts from customers in no time. If you are looking to buy or sell something in India then Quickr is the best option for you. The app will use your location and it will show the nearby ads accordingly.

The best part of Quickr is it lets you buy & sell big items like cars, bikes and even homes. You can even go for electronic items & clothing as well.

Link: Quickr for Android/Quickr for iOS

3) Vinted


Vinted is in the list of apps like Letgo. If you are in the search for an app that specifically deals with buying and selling of clothes then Vinted is the app for you. It is a good alternative to Letgo but on a more focused area.

So take out the unnecessary clothes from your wardrobe, click pictures and upload it. It no time you will be getting the buyers for it. The app also offers a 360-degree view of the items for the buyers to get a clear picture of it.

Link: Vinted for Android/Vinted for iOS

4) OfferUp

letgo alternatives -offerup

This app is like your virtual shop to buy and sell used stuff online. The navigation of the app is smartly designed. You will find camera icon at the top bar to click the picture of the item you want to sell. And if you are looking to buy something then you can use the search bar next to the camera icon. The app allows you to do an image search and then refine the result using filters to exactly meet your requirements.

The app is completely free and is available for Android and iPhone users.

Link: OfferUp for Android/OfferUp for iOS

5) OLX


OLX is a very popular online website to place classified ads. It operates in 45 countries and it is a well established international brand to sell and buy products locally. If you compare it with Letgo, then OLX is a huge brand to deal with multiple and big items. The recent feature added to Letgo app is buying and selling cars whereas OLX app providing this feature from a very long time.

This is a perfect app if you don’t want to start getting spam calls as soon as you post the ads by letting you do chat first with the buyer.

Link: OLX for Android/OLX for iOS

6) 5miles

best apps like letgo -5miles

5miles, the name says it all. Unlike Letgo app, here you will be able to sell and buy products within 5 miles. This 5 miles location restriction is done to easily meet with the buyer and the seller in a known location. Using 5miles app you will be able to like items and follow the sellers. Unlike other apps, 5miles work towards reducing spam and fraud. Moreover, you can go through the user reviews before buying any product from the seller.

To immediately find the items near your location, you can use GPS and zip code feature in the app. And chat with multiple sellers & buyers, compare them, and get the best deal.

Link: 5miles for Android/5miles for iOS

7) VarageSale


This is the last app in the list which is similar to Letgo app. The app is rich in design and user-friendly. This app focus much on users identity to have genuine members to buy and sell products. This also reduces the spamming and leaves a good impression on the users.

Use the VarageSale app to upload pictures of the item and let thousands of nearby people know about it. Sell various items, from furniture to electronic stuff. So pick up your phone and install this free app and earn some cash by getting rid of unnecessary items.

Link: VarageSale for Android/VarageSale for iOS

All the 7 alternatives have sites like Letgo to buy and make your item reach out to nearby people via online. Do let us know which app suited you the best. Also, if you have any other app or website to share with us who deals with buying and selling, do let us know via comments.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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