How To Swipe To Delete Email Instead Of Archive On iOS

There was a change made by Apple in the options presented in the Mail app while using left swipe gesture with iOS 10. The Delete(trash icon) was no longer there and an Archive option was introduced in its place. This change is not welcomed by many users and they are looking to swipe to delete emails on their iPhone and not archive. If you too are one of them then you can go through this guide to swipe to delete email instead of archive on iPhone or iPad.

Making Archive as the default option doesn’t mean that delete is removed. You just need to configure the below setting to switch to Delete Mail as the default option.  So, let us get on with it.

Swipe To Delete Email Instead Of Archive On iPhone

1. Open Settings app and select Mail.

2. Next, tap on Accounts under Mail.

3. On the next screen, you will see all the accounts you have added to the Mail app on iPhone. Tap on the one for which you wish to get the delete mail option while swiping. In my case, it is one of my Gmail accounts.

delete email instead of archive on iPhone

4. Now, tap on Account.

5. Under Account Settings, select Advanced.

Get Delete Email instead of archive in iOS Mail app

6. In Move Discarded Messages Into section select Deleted Mailbox instead of Archive Mailbox.

swipe to delete email iphone ios 10

7. To save the changes, tap on Account at the top left to go back and select Done at the top right Corner in Account screen.

How to swipe to delete Email on iPhone Mail App

This will do the trick. Head over to the email account for which you configured the above setting and swipe left on any Email. Voila! You will see the Trash icon.

delete email on iphone not archive in ios

You can use the same steps to switch to swipe to delete Email for other accounts if desired.

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It is possible to switch to Archive Email as the default setting later if desired from the same location.

We hope that you were able to get the swipe to delete Email option in the iOS Mail app. If you found this tutorial helpful then share it to help others too.

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