How To Delete All Emails On iPhone/iPad At Once

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Do you receive a lot of unnecessary or spam Emails? If so then you might be clearing your mailbox daily to make it free of any clutter. However, doing it manually by deleting each Email individually eats up important time and hampers productivity. To save you from that we are here with a hack to delete all Emails on iPhone/iPad at once. It will work for all the accounts be it Gmail, iCloud or a custom account. Moreover, you can use the steps on any iOS device – iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X or later.

The procedure below will trash all your Emails in Inbox in one go so we strongly recommend you to move the important emails to a new folder before proceeding.

You can also use it to delete all Emails in any other folder like Sent, Drafts, etc. So, without any further wait lets get the ball rolling.

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Delete All Emails On iPhone At Once

1. Open the Mail app and select the desired Mailbox.

2. When you are in the desired folder, tap on Edit at the top right corner.

Delete all Emails at once on iPhone

3. Now, select any Email to activate the Move option.

Once Move is enabled tap and hold it.

Delete all Emails on iPhone in iOS 10

4. While holding the Move option, tap on the email selected earlier to uncheck it.

5. You can now release your thumb from the Move button.

6. The next screen will show the first Email and the number of Emails in the folder. This means all the Emails are selected for this action. Now, all you need to do is tap on the Trash button to move all emails there in a jiffy.

move all emails to Trash on iOS

This will delete all the Emails at once on the iOS Mail app. As I said earlier, you can use the same method to trash Emails from any account or any folder.

Deleting All Unread Emails On iOS Mail App

The trick shown above can only be useful to us when we want to delete all the emails, whether read or unread, at once. But what if we want to delete the emails that are only unread? Well, iOS has a solution for you. The steps to delete all the unread emails at once are quite easy and doesn’t take much time.

Before starting with the process of deleting, first, we need to sort out the list and make all the unread emails appear on the screen. The steps to do that are as follows.

1. Launch the Mail app on your iOS device.

2. Now open the folder from which you want to delete your unread emails.

select unread

3. After that, tap on the three-line icon, given at the bottom left of the screen.

three line icon

4. In the next step, tap on the Filtered by option that appears after tapping the three-line icon.

filtered by option

5. Now tap on the Unread option to select all the unread mails, and untick the Flagged option.

select unread option

6. Tap on Done in the next step.

7. All the unread mails will now appear on the screen.

unread mails

After extracting all the unread emails, the steps to delete them are quite easy.

1. Tap on the Edit option available at the top right of the screen.

delete unread mails

2. Now select any email just to activate the Move option.

delete all unread emails at once

3. After tap and hold the Move option and untick the selected mail with another finger.

4. Release your finger from the move option now.

5. A new screen will open now with the total number of messages to be deleted mentioned at the top.

6. Simply tap on the Trash after that.

select trash

All the unread emails have been successfully deleted now.

Restore Deleted Emails From Trash

Sometimes it might happen that you delete an important message in a hurry and then wonder how to get that email back. Well, you don’t need to panic as there are two simple methods to recover and get access to your deleted emails again. The steps to do that are as follow.

Method 1

1. Launch the Mail app and open the Trash folder.

2. Tap on the Edit option available at the top right corner of the screen.

trash emails

3. After that, select the email(s) that you want to recover. Next, tap on the Move option at the bottom center.

move mails from trash

4. Now, simply tap on the folder in which you want your restored email to appear.

select folder

Your deleted email has been finally restored. Using this method you can easily transfer the messages in bulk from trash to other folders.

Method 2

Another method to restore the emails from trash is also easy and much favorable when you need to recover only a few emails.

To make this method work, open the Mail app on your iOS device and open the trash folder. Now simply swipe to the left on the desired email to open the various options. Now, tap on More and select Move Message…

recover emails from trash

Now you can simply select the desired folder to move that email wherever you want.

Here are a few handpicked tutorials for iOS users.


So that’s it. The trick to delete all emails at once on iOS Mail app was a bit tricky but we hope that we were able to make it simple for you. Using these tricks you can easily get rid of all the Emails and clear your Inbox. And in case you deleted some of the important emails, you can easily restore them back with the help of the methods explained above. If you found this article useful then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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