Wrike Review : Project Management App for Greater Productivity

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This is not the first time we’ve talked about productivity here at TechUntold. You can go through our list of gadgets and accessories for productivity. We strongly believe that being busy doesn’t mean that you’re productive. In fact, we should all focus on being productive and not busy. Keeping that in mind, today we focus on time management, the most important aspect of productivity. We review award-winning project management software Wrike, which will allow you to manage tasks in a team and boost productivity.

Initially, I thought Wrike’s web-based software would be a to-do list app, with reminders and stuff like that. But believe me, there is much more to this online project management app — as I discovered when I started using it. Let’s go ahead and look into some of its cool features.

Wrike Project Management Software Review

 Wrike Features

1. All the information in one place

For any project, requirements are the key and it’s important that you have a clear understanding of them. If you are gathering requirements from your clients and discussing them over a lengthy, back-and-forth chain of emails, then you are wasting a lot of time and the information will always be incomplete.

A good solution to this is Wrike’s web based project management tools, which allow all work information, from documents to discussions, to be stored in one organized, easily accessible place. With Wrike’s online project management app, you create custom work Requests with fields for all the details you need, and then share that form with clients via a shareable link.

Wrike Project Management software

2. Teams in Sync at all times

Team members who are assigned to the project can easily stay up-to-date with progress and discussions through the real-time Activity Stream newsfeed and the @mention feature, which will send an instant notification alerting that person of a new comment. It makes teamwork much easier by keeping everyone on the same page.

3. Assigning Tasks is convenient

I absolutely loved this feature of Wrike. Normally, you have to ask or check manually via emails or messages to find out who is free to take on a new task. But Wrike gives you a current overview of what everyone is doing from the Workload tab in Projects, so you can quickly see who is working on what, and who the best person is for a new assignment.

You can easily drag and drop the unassigned job from bottom to the team member who is not loaded with work. The job status can then be changed to Assigned.

Assigning tasks Wrike

4. Use Wrike within the designing tool

This is another useful feature where designers need not move away from their tool to get the updates on the project. Wrike’s extension for Adobe Creative Cloud allows designers to access information related to the project and collaborate with the team without leaving their favorite Adobe applications.

You can also reply, comment and change the status of the task from the extension window. Moreover, by clicking update in the Wrike extension window, the design image is automatically updated in Wrike and shared across the team.

Project management software Wrike

5. Clear and actionable feedback

Wrike makes it a lot easier to get feedback and approval on tasks. Each task has a built-in comments section, team members can leave comments directly on images and documents, and Custom Workflows let you create your own task status like In Review, In Progress, etc., so you always know where work stands.

Review and Approve Tasks Wrike

6. Track Progress and Performance

Use Wrike’s Gantt Chart generator to plan and schedule projects on a visual timeline, set milestones and dependencies, and monitor progress and deadlines. Wrike also gives you reports in a nice visualized form, which can help you to track the team performance and analyze results. It also shows the number of tasks assigned, completed, etc. by each team member.

Track Performances Wrike

Have a look at this short video to learn more about other Wrike features.

Now, let’s get to pros and cons.


1. Wrike’s online app for project management also has free mobile apps for Android and iOS, making it easy to stay connected and up-to-date even while on the go. You can also turn on push notifications for updates.

Wrike Mobile App

2. It has a free version if you are a team of up to 5 members with 2 Gb of storage space.

3. It will definitely decrease management time and allow more time for innovation, creativity, and real work.


1. It may take some time to get your workspace set up and your team ready to go.

2. The free version doesn’t have a subtask feature.

To conclude, I would say that productivity is not just about doing more but creating more impact with less work. And Wrike online project management software helps you do that by allowing you to work smarter.

Hit the comments section if you have any queries or thoughts. Which tool do you use for managing work in your team?

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