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People from all walks of life at some point in their lives have made a PowerPoint presentation

For years, PowerPoint has emerged as a powerful presentation tool with great features that many businesses and individuals around the world value. 

Today, whether you’ll close a deal or not, is your business pitch successful or were you persuading enough, depends significantly on how your presentation went. 

PowerPoint is a simplified tool. 

It features added simplicity, ubiquity and user-friendliness, yet creating an out of the box presentations and designs requires professional design skills. That is why a majority of presentations around the world are made on PowerPoint. 

However, the simplicity provided by PowerPoint is also one of its drawbacks.

In today’s time, there are millions of PowerPoint presentations created every day. 

The moment you read this line, there must be several thousands of presentations being made and delivered. 

The tools and features available with PowerPoint are too common for a competitive marketplace. Meaning, we all have sat through a number of presentations now and then. 

Especially for a professional audience, there is a high chance that they have already seen a similar presentation or so somewhere else. 

Since the number of pre-packed templates, diagrams and other visual elements in PowerPoint is limited, if your presentation is not unique, you might bore your audience with “death by PowerPoint.”

Slidemode is the best tool to make online presentations

What is SlideModel? is one of the world’s leading PowerPoint template providers. 

The website offers professionally designed, awe-inspiring and flexible PowerPoint templates for users of every kind. 

Their catalogue of templates is huge! At the time of writing this article, the website houses a little over 20,000+ rich templates for all professional domains and industries. You can get a template for every presentation goal or type of presentation you can imagine. 

The website is fueling the presentation endeavors of entrepreneurs, professionals, educators etc. across regions by providing them with an enormous variety of professional templates. 

These templates can be easily edited & you can download and import the same not just in PowerPoint but in other leading presentation software as well. Presenters can leverage these beautifully designed templates to woo their audience.

As soon as you land on the website, you’d notice that finding the right template for your presentation is a piece of cake. 

You can readily search a template through relevant keywords and download your favourite template in no time. This way, you’ll be saving a huge time on the whole presentation creation task. 

Just simply download the template and start putting-in relevant content and you’re good to go. 

Like mentioned above, the template works well with different presentation platforms such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Apple Keynote and many others. 

Thus, as a presentation creator, you get exclusive flexibility and functionality with these templates. PowerPoint visual elements can be ambiguous, SlideModel has put-up such a rich resource for you so that you come up with a unique presentation, every time.

business-ready templates

Let’s move ahead and know about the exclusive features of SlideModel PowerPoint templates.

Business-Ready Templates

Best suited for entrepreneurs and businesses of all scales, you can easily get your hands on some of the most amazing templates under this category. 

Whether you need to make a data analysis curve, a complex business visual, a BCG matrix or perform a SWOT analysis, SlideModel has templates for every occasion. 

The slide design under Business template category has been specifically tailored to give professional industry grade look to the presentation. Some of the latest trending Business templates on SlideModel are:

  • Data Governance Policy
  • Flat Business Process flow chart template
  • Gauge Sentiment Analysis
  • 70-20-10 Approach To Learning
  • Data Warehouse ELT process
  • Operating Model
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • and much more. 

By inculcating these templates into your presentation, you can create focused-detailed slides which will have a catchy visual impact on the viewers.

100% Editable

What makes SlideModel templates different and best from anywhere else is the fact that you can fully edit these templates. 

You can leverage the customization and flexibility provided with these templates in unimaginable ways. 

Since every template available on SlideModel is created with PowerPoint native objects, this allows you to fully customize the templates’ shape, effects, theme, data and colour, without affecting the visual quality or appeal of the slide. 

This enables a user to match the template with their existing corporate theme and brand aesthetics. 

Moreover, brands these days have started using PowerPoint templates as the first point of communication with prospects. Thus, the more your presentation attunes to the brand, the more your audience will resonate with the presentation.

Just by simple drag and drop from different templates, you can make your very own custom versions.

diagrams, graphs and table templatesDiagrams, Graphs and Tables

One of the most difficult parts of any presentation is to create a pictorial representation of raw data

Certainly, no one likes to read numbers right off from the slide. 

SlideModel maintains a huge collection of PowerPoint diagrams, graphs and tables. Now you can simply download attractive shapes and diagrams with high precision and detail. 

These creative theme diagrams are best when it comes to impressing your audience. 

Diagrams such as 7 Steps Pyramid Design, 4 Steps Circle Ribbon, 7 Rings Centric, 3 Level Glossy Funnel etc. can help you engagingly showcase data. 

Always remember that your audience should be able to digest all the facts and numbers. Since the human brain loves pictorial interaction, presenting critical data in such a manner can result in a win-win. It is only then your audience will remember key points and take them along.

Final Words

The psychology of personalization is very powerful. One size doesn’t fit all applies to presentation templates too. 

When the message which you’re displaying is specially tailored for your audience, that is where presentation success rests. 

To stand out from the plethora of crowds, you need to create a fully custom presentation experience for your audience. One should never forget that personalization boosts user-relevancy, that is higher conversion rates or call to actions can be initiated. 

However, personalization often requires investing a lot of time and effort. That’s why you should use tools that allow you to increase your performance while still being able to produce great results.

SlideModel templates is one of such tools. The best thing about it is that it provides you professional touch and customization features which can be a game-changer for you.

Hope you liked our post. Let us know what you think about SlideModel in the comments!

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