How To Convert PowerPoint Presentation To GIF?

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Do you want to share PowerPoint slides with your colleagues or friends on social media? Or you want to upload PowerPoint presentation online? It’s possible once you convert powerpoint presentation to GIF. GIFs are easy to share and transfer anywhere. You can share gif on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or even upload on your website.

Here is an easy process to convert pptx to GIF files. Remember, you can save the slides separately into GIF format from the Microsoft PowerPoint only. But to make a single GIF file out of the complete presentation, you would require an online tool.

Steps to Convert PowerPoint Presentation to GIF animation

1. Open the presentation that you want to convert to GIF and click on the ‘office button’ on the top left.

How to convert powerpoint presentation to gif

2. From the appeared menu, click on ‘Save As‘.

3. Now, name your presentation as required and then click on ‘PowerPoint Presentation‘ in front of ‘Save as type’.

powerpoint slides to gif file

4. There are many file types available. Click on ‘GIF Graphics Interchange Format‘ and then on ‘Save‘.

create animated gif files in powerpoint

5. The new dialogue box will ask you about the slides that are needed to be exported. Click on ‘Every Slide‘ and then on ‘OK‘. It will create a folder of that name you gave it. Remember the folder’s location.

How to make GIF in powerpoint

All the slides of your presentation will be saved in GIF format but separately into many GIFs. You can send/upload them like that or you can also combine them to make a single GIF. Here is how:

How To Create An Animated GIF After Saving The Slides In GIF Format

1. Go to Imgflip. It is a free tool to create memes and GIFs.

2. Place your mouse icon over ‘Create‘ at the top and then click on ‘Make a GIF‘.

Convert pptx To GIF

3. On the next page, choose ‘Images to GIF‘, click on ‘Upload Images’ and from there, go to the location where you saved the presentation.

powerpoint to GIF

4. Open the folder you made, and after choosing all the GIFs click on ‘Open‘.

convert powerpoint to GIF free

5. All the slides will be uploaded. You will have the options to choose delay time, width, height, and quality of the slides. Set a name for the GIF and click on ‘Generate GIF‘.

Upload powerpoint presentation online

6. You GIF is ready. To save the GIF to your PC, click on ‘Download Image‘ and it will be will be saved. If in any case it doesn’t, then it will open in the new tab separately. You can right-click and choose ‘Save image as..’ like any other image on the internet.

How to make GIF from Powerpoint presentation

Convert ppt to GIF free

If you are unable to view created gif on photo viewer then try opening it on the browser.

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Powerpoints can’t be shared directly on many platforms so you have to convert them to a GIF or a Video. These were some easy steps to convert powerpoint presentation to GIF. Also, you can create gif from video. If you face any complications regarding them, you can ask us in the comments.

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