6 Best Prototyping Tools [Free + Paid] For Designing Projects

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Designing a website, mobile app or blog is a long and a complex process that requires the smartest tools to achieve the best performance and results. To increase your productivity, here is a curated list of the best prototyping tools to assure quality in your projects that are both free and paid.

6 Best Prototyping Tools and Apps

1) Proto.io – Free or Paid ($24)

Proto.io New Project

Create wire frames, prototyping and never lose quality from scratch to conclusion of your work with Proto.io.

Creating design

If you are building an app for iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows Phone, the platform will prototype it with accuracy when creating Screens and the whole navigation before initiating the programming of your app, whether you are designing it for smartphones, Tablets or Web version.

Design Area

The platform is very productive which allows you to previews shared documents. Recently, developers upgraded the service by adding more functionality to it and a lot more UI and overall UX improvements.

You can do multiple tasks and be more focused at the same time with the “Visual Screen Browser.” It does not interrupt when previewing your prototype allowing you to open a new page or change among multiple pages without lagging.

Preview design

You can access and locate your projects easily on your phone with the “On this device”. It is possible to use the service when you have an unstable connection or offline to manage your copied files because it saves all of them.

Animations and transitions are two other advantages that will make the difference in your design creation.

Link: Proto.io for Android/Proto.io for iOS

2) InvisionApp – Free


Available only for Mac OSX, the Android version is still Unreleased and unstable version, as you can see above. InVision allows you to create prototyping quickly in the easiest interface, which does not require high computer skills to understand.

Interact and share with collaborators by creating a virtual meeting with your team and get more done with the “Presentation Mode” in Liveshare.

drag and drop functionality

All sync and managed by the admin. They can leave comments in any part of the project or reply to comments from other individuals.

The best thing about this feature is that the participants get a “mouse course” to point out details in your projects. It connects everyone nationally or internationally to present your ideas anywhere through the tool called “Calls Boards”. You can bring your work into life by importing link pages that can simulate website. Whereas you can manage your projects easily and create your own gallery and moldboards to keep everything organized.

Add features to your projects to maintain all participants updated. Clicking on any page, they will see its current status and what is working on. The features you can add are: In Progress, Needs Review, Approved, etc.

Desktop template SimplySocial

With unlimited tools usage, you can also test and preview your projects your tablet or smartphone. Import documents from your Dropbox or Photoshop to expand your possibilities.

Link: InvisionApp for Android/InvisionApp for iOS

3) Principle

apps for prototyping - principle

Principle offers the option artboard that animates and adds an extra exclusive touch to the design you are creating whether for Web, Desktop or Mobile version. You can add more realism into your prototype with the “Hover Events” and “Mouse Wheel Scrolling facilitating the development process.

Before the final decision, with Principle Mirror previews your projects in all iOS devices. or you can allow other people to view it on their own. Export image of your prototypes to share with friends or collaborators.

Principle is available only for Mac which is a plus for its user that can apply features of the system such as Full-screen mode, Retina interface, and Auto Save. Design interfaces using functionalities with a professional tool, which costs $129 but, it offers a try for 14 days for free.

Link: Principle Mirror

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4) Gliffy

free tools for prototyping -Gliffy

Gliffy comes in a web version for your to create on the go anywhere. Also, it is free and available for PC. The platform builds creative flowchart to present in an interactive way your ideas by visualizing them with creativity.

It outlines your designs perfectly so you can have a clearer idea seeing how the project and framed will behave among all the components during web site development.

Gliffy allows the drag and drop functionality and other useful options from the wireframe library. You may also insert shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle etc., and upload images from your computer.

Besides flowcharts, you have the option of doing an impactful work collaborating also on org charts, UML, network diagrams, etc. Gliffy integrates with Google Drive, JIRA, Confluence, and JIRA.

Achieve more accuracy sharing or including participants who can edit and create along with you. Add custom templates, logos and shape libraries or verify content, branding, and navigation which this proficient tool.

Link: Gliffy Chrome Extension

5) Adobe Comp – Android, iOS, Desktop

Grids and guides

Precise tool for corporations, freelancers or student where you can share files and collaborate. If you use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and many other supported by Com you can import to the “Library of Creative Cloud” the same style you use in them like editable text boxes, shapes, pens, prints, graphics, etc when building projects on Adobe Comp.

Adding Image

Thanks to Adobe CreativeSync, Adobe Comp updates automatically in all sync devices all your apps. Thus you can start a project on your tablet and finish it on your desktop, Muse, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. You can create and improve the most artistic layout with text styles, plenty of colors, pictures and graphics for the web or mobile version.

Sharing work

Link: Adobe Comp for Android/Adobe Comp for iOS

6) Easee Design – Web Version

best online prototyping tool -easee

In the design world, dealing with codes can be a hassle sometimes, but Easee comes with a smart solution for you once it does not require code. You just have to drag and drop layers from apps that sync with the service such as Sketch and Photoshop. Export your animations into CSS and make them magical with astonishing properties. Preview them and import to your live web design.

If you prefer to get familiar with the tool slowly, the service offers a basic plan. As you go along, you have the change to update it for unlimited plan paying $10 monthly. Easee is simple, but also an excellent solution for designers whereas you will have everything you need in a modest platform.

Link: Website

Go ahead and try out these tools and apps for prototyping your next app, website or project. Don’t forget to let us know your experience in the comments.

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