How to Upload Video to Multiple Sites At Once

How to Upload Video to Multiple Sites At Once

There are a lot of popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion out there. To give your brand or personal accounts more exposure you would want to publish the same video on all the platforms including social media like Facebook and Twitter. However, manually uploading the same video on multiple websites is a … Read more

How to Trim YouTube Videos Online and Download Them

Trim YouTube Videos Online and Download

Did you ever come across a situation where you wanted to upload a specific part of YouTube video on other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc.? If that’s the case then we have a solution for you in this tutorial. We have covered downloading YouTube videos on the PC and on Android here at TechUntold. But these methods … Read more

Kobybo Digital Learning Platform – The Future of Education

Kobybo Digital Learning Solutions

As claimed to an education survey conducted by HSBC, educating their children is the ultimate goal of 51% of Indian parents. So, let’s not be surprised that education is the next front on the horizon of the Indians leading to the emergence of many interesting edu-tech concepts. Technology has been transforming the educational world for the … Read more

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts – How to Enable Them And Be More Productive

How to Enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

With over a billion users, Gmail is the first choice for anyone looking for Email service. Keeping that in mind we bring to you handy Gmail Keyboard shortcuts which can help you to be more productive. Are Gmail keyboard shortcuts not working for you? Don’t bother anymore as we will let you know how to … Read more

How to get Audio transcription of Video Files using YouTube

Audio and Video files Transcripts

This tutorial is useful for anyone looking to get an Audio transcription of  Video files. How to transcribe video files and get the transcript in a plain text file? If you are not satisfied with the text generated from your video then I will also share a transcription company which offers really reasonable transcription services. … Read more

Best Chrome Extensions You’ve Never Heard Of

Best Chrome Extensions

Chrome is one the best browsers in the world. But what Google has done really well is create a developer ecosystem around chrome that has created awesome plugins that make the life of users very easy.We have a collection of best chrome plugins today that can be used for different aspects. Useful Chrome Extensions Hola … Read more

Untold YouTube Tricks and Facts power users should know

YouTube tricks and facts

YouTube is an amazing video sharing website used by more than 1 billion people around the globe. YouTube is used by wide variety of users for different purposes like TV serials, Music Albums Videos, used by bloggers to share their views through video and more. With such high usage of YouTube video sharing service, I … Read more