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How to Download YouTube Playlist, All or Specific Videos on PC and Mac

If you wish to download YouTube playlist at once without manually downloading each or particular videos then this tutorial is going to help you in achieving that. I will mention

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How to Embed and Start YouTube Video At Certain Time

In this tutorial, we will let you know how you can embed YouTube video with a specific start time. You can also use the method to start YouTube video at

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How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone Directly

In this article, you will learn an easy, simple and quick way to download YouTube videos on Android phone directly. If you are looking to view YouTube video without internet

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How to repeat certain parts of YouTube videos

Earlier we shared methods to replay YouTube videos automatically infinitely. Today we share a web tool which will allow you to repeat certain parts of YouTube videos. In case you

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How to Embed Video in PowerPoint and Word

In this how-to guide, you will learn about embedding a Video in PowerPoint presentation and Word document. You will be able to embed video from your local storage and also

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How to get Audio transcription of Video Files using YouTube

This tutorial is useful for anyone looking to get an Audio transcription of  Video files. How to transcribe video files and get the transcript in a plain text file? If

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How to play YouTube videos in Background

The other day I was replying to a few mails from my iPhone and simultaneously wanted to listen to a latest song on YouTube as it was not there in

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How to convert YouTube video to GIF online

GIF’s are pretty useful even today in the world of Instagram and Vine. Animated GIF’s are not dead by any stretch of imagination as they come in handy while product

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Handy YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts you must not miss

Video Sharing Website, YouTube is used vastly by billion of users. Approximately 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and everyday billion of views are recorded on

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Untold YouTube Tricks and Facts power users should know

YouTube is an amazing video sharing website used by more than 1 billion people around the globe. YouTube is used by wide variety of users for different purposes like TV

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