How To Go Incognito In YouTube

Going incognito while browsing the internet allows you to have secure surfing with total privacy. In the incognito mode, browsing history, website information and all the searches made are not saved or monitored. Now you can also go incognito in YouTube application for Android devices. This is the latest feature updated in the application.

In the incognito mode of YouTube, you can watch videos and search for anything without worrying about the history or the keywords that are automatically saved. After you leave the incognito mode, all the data is erased that was there while in the incognito mode. So if you are also looking to enable incognito mode on YouTube, then read the article to know how.

Go Incognito In YouTube App

Now before starting to enable the incognito mode in YouTube make sure the app is updated, and if not then update the YouTube app from the Play Store and then follow the steps given below.

Enable Incognito Mode In YouTube

1. Open YouTube app and select the profile icon at the top right corner.

How To Go Incognito In YouTube

2. Then Account information will be opened. Here you will be able to see Turn on Incognito mode. Tap on it.

3. Then it will display a pop-up message showing the incognito mode is turned on. Tap on GOT IT and start browsing incognito on YouTube. It will show You’re incognito at the bottom of the screen when the incognito mode is enabled.

youtube incognito

Disable Incognito Mode In YouTube

In the incognito mode, the profile icon becomes an incognito icon and at the bottom, you will see You’re incognito.

1. Now to turn off the incognito mode in YouTube, tap on the incognito icon, (hat and round glasses icon) at the top right corner.

turn off the incognito mode in YouTube

2. Once you tap on it, you will see the menu that will appear from the bottom. There will be the option to Turn off incognito. Tap on it and incognito mode will be disabled and you will be logged in with your regular Gmail account on YouTube.

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Wrapping Up

You can easily watch your favorite videos and search for various contents on Youtube privately using the incognito mode. Remember to update the app in case you do no find the incognito option using the method mentioned above.

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