How to repeat certain parts of YouTube videos

Last Updated: November 8, 2016

Earlier we shared methods to replay YouTube videos automatically infinitely. Today we share a web tool which will allow you to repeat certain parts of YouTube videos. In case you want to loop specific part of YouTube video then this tool is perfect for you.

Repeat certain parts of YouTube videos

The other day I was listening to Jukebox music collection on YouTube. I loved one song so much that I wanted to listen to it over and over again. I know how to loop the entire YouTube video with the methods given in the link given above. But in this case, I had to repeat only a particular part of the video. On searching for ways to achieve it I came across an awesome website which I will share in this article.

Repeat Certain Parts of YouTube Videos

In order to replay selected parts of videos on YouTube, you can use this awesome and easy to use website – YouTubeLoop. There are a lot of options which can be used to repeat YouTube videos using this tool. Use any of the mentioned ways to repeat YouTube videos.

Method 1

a. Simply copy the desired video URL and paste it in the input bar at the top of this web tool. After entering the link of the video click on Go loop!

The video will be loaded on the website. Now the specialty of this tool is that apart from replaying the complete videos it also has the capability to loop a specific section of the video which is what we want to achieve in this tutorial.

b. Notice a bar just below the video with two ends. To repeat specific part move the left tip to the time where you want the video to start and quite obviously move the right tip on the bar to the time where you want the video to end. Once you set the begin and end points the video will loop automatically in that section.

Replay Specific parts of YouTube video

Once you set the begin and end points the video will loop automatically in that section.

For all the other methods only the first step changes and the second remains the same.

Method 2

Instead of entering the full video URL you can even search for a YouTube video on this website like you would search on YouTube using the bar at the top.

Click on the desired video from the search results and follow the second step as in method 1.

Method 3

The video will still be identified if you just enter the video id on the bar at the top. Video id is the characters present after v= in the video URL.

For instance, if the video URL is – then the id of this video is h7rrFnGiY1I. Enter the video id and click Go loop!

Method 4

You can even redirect directly from YouTube to this tool by replacing the in the video URL with and press Enter.

For instance, if the URL is then change it to –

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With all these ways you can use this tool to automatically replay YouTube video completely or partially. We wish this tool helped you to loop videos. Do share it on your favorite social media platform if you found this helpful.


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