How to download Facebook page posts, photos, videos, Info and more

Get to know about the procedure to download Facebook page information. The page data will be downloaded as a zip file which will contain all the posts published on the page timeline arranged year wise, Photos, Videos, Settings and admin details.

Download Facebook page data

Are you looking forward to merge a Facebook page? Or delete a page completely? If answer to any of these questions is yes then it is always a good idea to download Facebook page before proceeding forward. What if something goes wrong with merge? Moreover, unmerge is not possible for Facebook pages. Then downloaded data of Facebook page will help in a big way. Even if the Facebook page is deleted, you still have its archive for later reference.

Looking at the benefits of saving Facebook page data let us learn about the steps to achieve it.

Download Facebook page Posts, Photos, Videos, Info

To download Facebook page data you need to be an admin of the page. Once you have admin rights, follow the method given below.

1. Visit Facebook website. Login to Facebook and open the desired page.

2.  On the Facebook page, click on Settings at the top right corner.

Facebook page settings

3. Now, in General Settings scroll down and click on Edit next to Download page.

4. Next click on Download Page link.

Download Facebook page info

5. A new page will open. Click on Get Started button.

download facebook business page data

6. A dialog will appear. Click Start Downloading.

7. After doing this wait for a few minutes(1-5) for the copy of the page to be ready. Once it is done, you will get a notification “A copy of [Page name] is ready“. Click on it.

8. Click on Download Page button on the next page.

download facebook page posts

9. Enter your FB password and click Submit.

10. Start Download dialog will appear. Click on here to start the download.

facebook page archive

With this, the zip file will start downloading which contains all your Facebook business page data. Extract the zip folder and open the index.htm file using any web browser to view the page details.

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We wish that you were able to successfully download Facebook page data following this turorial. If you are facing any issue let us know in the comments section.


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