How to Unzip and Open Zip Files on iPhone or iPad

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Quite often we receive zipped files as attachments in Email. If you are one of the users like me who views their Email’s from the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad then you might be having a hard time to open those files. The Mail app on iOS cannot unzip or preview zip files. Now what? You’ll wait until you can access your PC or Mac to look at that zipped file? Don’t bother waiting as there are easy and free ways to unzip files on iPhone. In this tutorial, we let you know how you can open zip files on iPhone or iPad device.

Open Zip Files on iPhone or iPad

There are two freemium apps which I stumbled upon lately that are allowing me to view zip files. Till now, free features are working well for me and most probably they will work for you too. So, let us have a look at them.

1. iZip – UnZip and View Zip Files

  • The first app I would like to mention is iZip and it can be downloaded on App Store from the following link.
  • After installing the app go to the zip file in the Mail app or in any other app. In this case, I will open the Email that contains zip file as an attachment.
  • Tap on the zip file to open it. On this screen, tap on the share icon at the bottom left.

Unzip files on iPhone or iPad

  • Now, swipe right in the second row on the screen which pops out from the bottom until you see Import with iZip. Tap on it.
  • The zip file will automatically open in iZip.  The app will prompt you to unzip or extract files. Tap on OK if you wish so otherwise select Cancel. It is possible to view files without extracting but you’ll not be able to share files without unzipping. So, make the decision according to your requirements.

View Zip files on iPhone or iPad

  • If you chose OK in the above step then a new folder will be created with all the extracted files from the zipped folder in it.

Extract Zip files on iOS

You will be able to view, share and zip files if desired. If you wish to delete a file or folder then swipe left on it and select Delete. Tap on Yes to confirm your decision.

Delete Zip or Extracted Files iPhone

The pro version of the app allows you to manage zip files on cloud services like Dropbox,  iCloud, Google Drive etc.

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Let us get to the second app now.

2. WinZip – Open Zip Files on iOS device

You can download WinZip app on the App Store from the following link.

The working of this app is almost the same as iZip.

The only limitation is that you need to upgrade to the pro version to unzip files. However, the free version doesn’t stop you from viewing and sharing files in the zipped folder.

Share extracted zip files on iPHone

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We hope that this guide helped you to get a solution for viewing zip files on iPhone. If you think that this will tutorial will be useful for someone else then do share it with them.

Do you know any other app for achieving the same? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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