How To Manage Multiple Clouds Together: MultCloud Review

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Do you have multiple cloud drives that you operate every day? Do you find it inconvenient to manage those drives and transfer files among different cloud services? If your answers are in affirmative, we have good news for you. MultCloud is a cloud service solution through which you can manage all your cloud drives from one account. Transferring files across your cloud drives effortlessly, and you can tweak all the different settings of your cloud drives as and when required.

In today’s world, cloud drives are the only reliable storage solution to take backup and access important files from anywhere. There are so many cloud storage drives available in the online market like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SugerSync and likewise. Each one of them has their unique set of features. Hence, users find it convenient to use multiple of them either to use the unique features or to make sure that they do not cross the limit of free storage space. In such scenarios, MultCloud is a boon for the users and today, we are going to share MultCloud review and let you know about its features, pros and cons and reveal whether you should go for it or not.

MultCloud Review

We have been using cloud storage like Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive for quite long now. We faced this problem of opening multiple accounts in these different drives every day to upload or download files or share them with users using same cloud drive. Therefore, we have to keep the same file in all the three drives beforehand so that sharing can be fast. To make it efficient and optimized, we started searching for a solution and came across MultCloud which satisfied our needs exactly the way we wanted.

Getting Started – How to Manage Multiple Clouds Easily

To get started you need to sign up for MultCloud from their official website. They offer a free account so don’t bother.


The ultimate feature of MultCloud is to provide a platform for users who have multiple cloud drives so that they can manage their drives from one user interface. It helps in the centralized management of cloud storage and better file management with proper syncing.

1. Combining Multiple Cloud Drives

Apart from accessing all the files and data in different drives from one interface, it lets you combine the storage spaces of multiple drives and hence, you can virtually expand more free space.

Just log into your account, and click on Add Cloud Drives. Select all the cloud storage drives you have from the right screen and click on Next button.

Add Cloud Drive MultCloud

In the next screen, click on Allow button so that MultCloud can access your stored files and folders. You will find all your cloud drives grouped together in the next screen.

Manage Multiple Cloud Drives Together using MultCloud

2. Data and File Transfer Across All Cloud Drives

You can transfer data and file from one cloud drive to another like never before. There is no need to download and re-upload. Only copy and paste will do the tedious job. Therefore, you can take backup of important files in multiple drives. You can initiate the process of transfer and go offline yet the transfer will be completed.

Just select the drive from which you want to copy files and select the files. Right click and click on Copy option.

Transfer Data from one cloud drive to another

Then select that drive where you want to paste and right click on the folder(or blank space inside). Click on Paste option and the transfer will be initiated.

Copy and Paste Data across different Cloud Drives

3. Automatic Transfer and Backup

MultCloud lets you schedule data and file transfer and backup or syncing at regular interval so that it happens automatically. You can transfer and sync multiple cloud drives daily, weekly or monthly as per your requirement. You will also receive notification via email once it is done.

After reaching the main UI, click on Transfer tab and then select the cloud drives among which you want to transfer files and sync automatically. You can transfer immediately by clicking on Run Now or click on Schedule Later button.

Schedule Data transfer MultCloud

After clicking Schedule Later button, choose the timing as per your requirement and click on Save button.

Automatically transfer data between clouds at a later time

It will be saved and you can review it anytime in future to reschedule and check the log.

4. Transfer Specific Files

You can filter files to select which are the files that will get transferred from one drive to the other. You can select them based on their extensions. This is such a useful feature as you would like to transfer only the important files that might have common file extensions.

Under Transfer tab, select the drives to which you want the transfer to take place. Then click on Options button.

In the overlay box, go to Filter tab and specify the extension of the files that you want to transfer.

Transfer Specific Files from one cloud to another MultCloud

5. Top-Notch Security

Security is the most important factors in today’s scenario as you would be keeping important files in the cloud storage. MultCloud has 256-bit AES encryption for transferring data. It does not save your data or files in cache while transferring. Most importantly, they have token based authorization with which you have to access your different cloud drives as they do not save your password.

6. Support For Various Cloud Drives

They support as many as 30 different cloud drives to let you manage accounts easily. It includes all the popular and standard cloud drives like DropBox, One Drive, Google, WebDAV, SugarSync, Cloudme, Copy, MyDrive, MediaFire, ADrive, EverNote, Flickr, and others.

7. Useful Options

Even in offline mode, you can upload the URL of the files that you want to download in your cloud drives. When a user shares a file, you can save the same in your drive in offline mode. All the shared links will be shown under one heading so that you can manage them effortlessly. Furthermore, you can set the permission of a file such as public and private.

Google Chrome Extension

If you are using Chrome browser then you can add MultCloud Chrome extension from the following link. You can manage everything seamlessly using the extension without even opening the account again and again.


  • It is completely free though it has a priced package as well for more features.
  • You can copy and paste or transfer and sync files and documents across all drives seamlessly.
  • It is possible to schedule automatic transfer and select files based on a specific extension for backup purpose.
  • MultCloud has a feature to combine all the drives together and expand free storage.
  • You will get email notifications when the transfer is completed.
  • Chrome extension will speed up your cloud management like never before.


  • It does not let you edit the documents and files which could be a massive problem as most of the cloud drive individually offer this feature.
  • Ubuntu One cloud drive is not yet supported which is such a big drawback as many people use it every day.
  • The user interface can be better and more intuitive.


The bottom line is you should definitely try it out, and you would love how effortless your cloud management will become. You will be able to save a lot of time in the process. We hope that you found the MultCloud review useful. Do come back and leave a comment about your experience with MultCloud after using it. Till then, keep calm and be a smart user.

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Hemant Mendiratta is a co-founder of TechUntold and a passionate tech blogger, avid gamer, and social media guru who keenly monitors useful apps and gadgets. He is the ideator of our Instagram tool StoryHoot which allows watching Instagram stories anonymously. You can connect with him on: Facebook, Twitter.

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