Best Chrome Extensions You’ve Never Heard Of

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Chrome is one the best browsers in the world. But what Google has done really well is create a developer ecosystem around chrome that has created awesome plugins that make the life of users very easy.We have a collection of best chrome plugins today that can be used for different aspects.

Useful Chrome Extensions


A lot of time we browse International content that isn’t allowed in our home countries. Many top content producers like Time Warner Cable and Disney block access to certain entertaining content in countries outside United States. This can be annoying. Meet Hola. Hola is a chrome plugin, which makes you browse through VPN’s which show your computer as being one from United States. This way you can access all blocked content.

Best Chrome Plugins

Link : Hola


With the option of multiple tabs and faster Internet, productivity has plummeted and a lot of man-hourshave been wasted internationally through just browsing and Facebook. But for people who are self-employed and work for themselves need to manage their productivity otherwise they don’t work up to potential. Rescue time is a very cool tool, which measures your productivity based on the sites you’ve visited and used.  The good aspect of Rescue Time is the goal-based approach to improving productivity.

Useful Chrome Extensions

Link: RescueTime


Sidekick is a great e-mail chrome plugin from Hubspot. Sidekick connects with users Gmail, it tracks clicks and the people who have opened your e-mail. You’ll get a notification if your recipients have opened your e-mail. It also lets you schedule your mails to send at a future date. This is a great option for sending out e-mails at specific timings when it’s highly likely for the intended recipient to open it.

Unknown Chrome Extensions

Link : SideKick

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Every once in a while we have to teach our parents, how to use something. Instead of them telling them every time, you should make a simple video and send it to them. This plugin will help you do that. For content creators this is a great chrome plugin. Screencastify lets you take recording of your screen actions straight from your browser. This plugin is very useful for people who are creating tutorial, who are creating courses on udemy or even teaching a parent how to do something.

Productive Chrome Apps

Link: Screencastify


 This is a simple chrome plugin for Designers and creative folk. How often have you come across a font and wanted to find out what font it was. Without having to go through inspect element, you can use this simple chrome plugin called What font. You mouse over a particular font and the details of the font are described.  The font used in TechUntold is Georgia.

Best Chrome Extensions and apps

 Link : WhatFont


 In the line of productivity plugins, some people do not have enough will power to stop browsing. They keep procrastinating till their deadlines are very close. When plugins like Rescue Time don’t help in keeping productivity in check, drastic measures have to be taken. Stay Focusd is a great chrome plugin that does not let you access specific websites at times you prescribe.

Here are the features.

  1. You can set blocked websites.
  2. You can set the time you are allowed to browse distracting websites during a day.

In this case, all your blocked websites will be blocked in 9 minutes 42 seconds.

Best Chrome Extensions

Link : StayFocusd

 Moz Chrome Plugin

Another great plugin for SEO specialists and marketers is the Chrome Web Plugin. Once switched on this plugin gives you details on Page Rank, Domain Authority, Link Analysis and other details. It helps gives you rankings on Google search results and more. It also gives you the number of backlinks a website gets and a domain ranking score according to moz guidelines. This is a great way to do competitor analysis!

Useful Chrome Plugins

Link : Moz

That was our list of Interesting chrome plugins. If you have any that we’ve missed out, hit us in the comments! Thanks for reading.

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Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.

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  1. Excellent article, Kishen. Great list. Do check out, really good for sharing emails (by just adding labels – no need to forward), and for delegating emails to your team-mates. It also lets you write notes on emails.

  2. Hey, nice list, thanks! I didn’t know about Stay Focusd, it looks amazing and I will definitely try it out. My personal favorite extensions are: (new tab/bookmark manager) and LastPass (password manager).


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