Reset Chrome Settings To Default On Android And PC

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How To Export Passwords From Chrome

While logging in to multiple websites and creating different kinds of password for each we tend to forget some of them. And to make it easy, Google account allows saving passwords of accounts or credentials by just logging in to your Google account via the Chrome browser. Whenever you create a new account on any … Read more

How To Delete Autocomplete URL In Chrome On Windows And Mac

Delete Autocomplete URL in Chrome

Chrome has this nifty feature of automatically saving the typed URL in its history. The saved URL then appears in auto-suggestions while typing the similar letters present in the URL. This makes it possible to open websites quickly and hence save a lot of time. But at times we type an incorrect site address with … Read more

10 Best Chrome Flags You Can Use To Browse Like a Pro: 2017 Edition

Best Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags are features or functionalities that are still in experimental stage. This allows developers and geeks like you to test them out before they are rolled out as an inbuilt Chrome feature. They are not yet official features because of their buggy or unstable nature. Having said that some of them work like a … Read more

How to Search For a Text or Word in Android Chrome/Firefox Browser

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How To Snooze Tabs In Firefox Or Chrome And View Them Later: A Simple Trick To Improve Your Productivity

Snooze Firefox tabs and view them later

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