How To Tell If Email Is Being Tracked In Gmail And Block Tracking

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There are a lot of tools that are being used by online marketers to track Emails they send. These tools allow them to know when an Email is opened or read i.e. read receipts, link clicks in the Email and more. If you don’t like being tracked and want privacy then you are going to get a solution in this guide. Here, we have shared ways that you can use to tell if Email is being tracked in Gmail. If that’s the case, then it is also possible to block Email tracking attempts for those Emails.

You will need a Chrome browser to detect tracked Emails in Gmail. And once again a couple of handy Chrome extensions will help us in doing so. So, let us get started.

Tell If Email Is Being Tracked In Gmail

Extension 1: Ugly Email

  • Add Ugly Email extension to your Chrome browser. Click on the following link to directly go the extension on Chrome web store.
  • After the extension successfully added to Chrome, open your Gmail account or reload the page if already opened.
  • The Chrome plug-in identifies the Emails with trackers and adds an eye icon before the subject of those Emails. Hence, you will know the Emails that are being tracked upfront before you even open them.

Detect If an Email is being tracked in Gmail

  • In any case, you can open the tracked Emails without any worries as the trackers in the Email are automatically blocked by the extension. So, the sender won’t get any tracking information.

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Extension 2: PixelBlock

Alternatively, you can go for PixelBlock Chrome extension for the purpose of blocking trackers in an Email.

Unlike Ugly Email, it doesn’t show you the tracked Emails in the preview but displays it inside when you open the Email. PixelBlock shows a slashed red eye icon inside the tracked Emails. It also blocks the Email trackers automatically and doesn’t allow the sender to get your Email activity details.

Block Email tracking in Gmail

Additionally, it also lets you know the tool used for Email tracking.

Personally, I found Ugly Email better as it worked in more cases than PixelBlock. That said, even these extensions may not be able to block all tracking attempts as there are advanced tools coming out every passing day. At the same time, these extensions also roll out updates in an effort to counter that as much as they can.

So, you should probably install any one of these extensions to block Email tracking and protect your privacy.

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