Reset Chrome Settings To Default On Android And PC

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Are you having trouble using the Google Chrome browser? Is it opening the unwanted search engine or default window? Or there are unnecessary cookies, extensions saved on the browser? Well, you can easily get rid of all these issues. All you have to do is reset Chrome settings which can be done in just a few clicks. If you are looking for methods to achieve that on PC, Mac or Android phone then we got you. But before that let’s check out what is the effect of resetting.

What Happens On Resetting Chrome Settings?

When you do a reset, Chrome will change all the settings to original defaults and clear various things. For example cookies, default search engine, site information, extensions etc. On the desktop, the Chrome browsers will be as new as it is just been installed. You will still be able to access the saved passwords, and bookmarks saved in Chrome.

While on smartphones with the given method all the cache, and the saved information will completely be erased making it just like freshly installed. It will remove all the modified settings and changes made by you or due to some programs/websites.

On Desktop

1. Open Chrome browser on your PC or desktop and head over to Settings. You can open settings by clicking on the three verticle dots at the right of the URL bar and then from the menu select Settings.

reset chrome settings

Or you can also use the Chrome Settings URL to directly open the settings page. Type chrome://settings in the address bar or simply copy and paste it there and then hit enter.

chrome setting URL

This will open the settings page.

2. Now inside the settings page, scroll down at the bottom and look for Advanced settings and select it.

chrome advanced setting

3. After clicking on Advanced option, more settings will expand. Again scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you will see the section – Reset and clean up on Windows while it will be Reset settings on Mac.

restore original settings on chrome

From this, select the first option i.e. Restore settings to their original defaults.

4. Then it will show a pop-up message which will ask if you are sure to Reset settings.

reset chrome profile

Click on the Reset settings button and your Chrome browser will return to its original settings.

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Reset Chrome Settings On Android

Though there is no particular way to do this on Android. You can still change and reset all the settings to the original form by using the steps to clear the data for Chrome application. This will remove all the cookies, cache, and other site settings that may have been saved. So let’s see how.

1. To reset the settings, we will be using the Clear app Data method. To access this option you will need to go to the App settings of your device. Go to the Settings of your device and select Apps.

Settings - Apps

2. Now scroll through the list of the Apps, look for Chrome and select it.

Settings - Chrome

3. This will open the App info for Chrome, here tap on Storage.

Chrome app info

4. After this on the new screen, select Manage Storage.

Chrome - manage storage

5. Now in this storage settings, you will be able to see the option to CLEAR ALL DATA, select it.

Reset Chrome Settings On Android - clear all data

6. Then it will show a pop-up menu saying that all Chrome’s app data like files, settings, accounts database etc. will be deleted permanently. Select OK to confirm.

clear app data - chrome

This will clear all the data of your Chrome browser and return it back to as it was after installing it for the first time.

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There is another method in which all you have to do is uninstall the application and then again install it. iOS users can consider it as they don’t really have many options.

With help of these methods, you can reset Chrome settings on both PC or Android without reinstalling it. For more informative articles, keep reading and checking our website.

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