10 Best Chrome Flags You Can Use To Browse Like a Pro: 2017 Edition

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Chrome Flags are features or functionalities that are still in experimental stage. This allows developers and geeks like you to test them out before they are rolled out as an inbuilt Chrome feature. They are not yet official features because of their buggy or unstable nature. Having said that some of them work like a charm and enrich the browsing experience by leaps and bounds. Similar to Chrome extensions, Flags allow you to do a lot more with Chrome. Keeping this in mind we have compiled a list of best Chrome Flags which you can start using and get the most of out of Chrome browser.

Before getting to the list of useful Chrome Flags let’s quickly have a look at how to turn on Chrome Flags.

How to Enable Chrome Flags?

  • Open a new tab and Paste chrome://flags in the address bar. Hit Enter.
  • All the Flags(features in beta state) will be listed. You can easily enable the desired Flag by clicking on the Enable link below it. Some Flags will have a drop down, so you can select Enabled from the drop-down menu for them.

generate random passwords in Chrome

  • For the changes to reflect you will have to click on Relaunch Now at the bottom or restart Chrome later.

Best Chrome Flags

1. Scroll Anchoring

Are you annoyed by the changing position of the web page when the content load that isn’t there on the visible screen? Well, Scroll Anchoring can help you out here by fixing the position on the web page while other content loads.

This Flag is available for almost all the platforms including Windows, Mac and Android.

2. Tab audio muting UI control

Unwanted sounds from tabs can be distracting while doing important work. This is one of the best flags which allow you to mute tabs with a single click on the audio indicator icon.

Mute Tabs - Best Chrome Flags
Unmute vs Mute Tab

It is not available for Android.

3. Mark non-secure origins as non-secure

If this Flag is enabled then it will alert you of insecure sites(non-HTTPS) by showing a red sign of Not Secure in the address bar.

Mark non-secure origins as non-secure Chrome Flag

We recommend it to the users who perform a lot of transactions where they provide their debit/credit card details.

4. Password generation

To be secure online it is smart to have different and strong passwords for all your online accounts. At times, it can be hard to come up with the complicated passwords.

Password generation Flag when enabled detects the create password field on the web page and generate a strong password.

Random Password generator in Chrome

5. Smooth Scrolling

Opening a lot of tabs on Chrome browser makes it use a lot of memory and slows it down. This hampers the viewing experience when scrolling a web page.

To maintain smooth scrolling animation at all times you can make use of this flag.

6. Fast tab/window close

If you want to close the tabs or windows faster than ever before then this Chrome Flag is for you. It facilitates the closing of tabs and Windows in a jiffy.

7. New profile management system

This allows you to lock Chrome browser and different profiles with a password. Must have flags for those whose PC is used by multiple users.

It is also a great solution if your browser is already loaded with a plenty of extensions.

8. Material Design

Activating Material design Flags will transform the looks of your browser windows like Settings, Downloads, Bookmarks etc. depending on the one you have enabled. It will have some degree of resemblance to Material Design.

Even though the difference is not significant but if you are a fan of Material Design then this Flag is for you.

9. Force-saving of passwords

If you don’t quite like the Remember Password pop-ups but at the same time want to save passwords in the browser then this Flag can do it for you.

With this flag, the passwords are saved automatically and remembered next time you use that website. If you are the only user of the computer then you can use this Flag without any second thoughts.

10. Automatic tab discarding

If you open a lot of tabs then Chrome browser will use a lot of memory. When this flag is enabled, the tabs are disabled automatically whenever System memory is low.

The discarded tabs are still visible but are loaded when you click on them.

Please note that these Flags can be renamed, removed or even taken to the official inbuilt Chrome features in future. There are no guarantees whatsoever from Google.

These were some of the best Chrome Flags you can make us of. So, which one’s do you think you are going to try? Share with everyone in the comments below.

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