7 Apps like Video Star for Android and iPhone

Last Updated: October 16, 2018

Looking for apps like Video Star to create amazing videos with background music and cool motion effects? If Yes, then you have landed on the right place. Here, I am covering 7 Video Star alternative apps to create eye-catching videos. With these apps, you can share the videos directly to social media, apply transitions effects, shoot multiple scenes in a single video, merge multiple videos and add cool filters to make stunning videos.

Apps like Video Star to Create Music Videos

As video star is only available in iOS platform, I am covering apps similar to it for Android platform as well as iOS platform. Take a look.

1) Musical.ly

apps to create music videos - musically

Musical.ly is already a popular app which is available on Android as well as ion iOS platform. The app is not only restricted to music, it has many other categories like sing, dance, vlog, comedy, and others. Also, you can pick music from the online library as well as from your phone itself. To take your video to the next level, you can add effects to it.

Apart from this, it has good rating and reviews on app store from users which make any person to try out this app once. The iOS version of this app is more stable compared to the Android version.

Link: Play Store/iTunes Store

2) VideoFX Live

video star alternative apps - videofx live

VideoFX Live is another fun video maker app, same like Video Star. You can pick up various real-time video effects available within the app which you can apply before, after and while recording too. To capture multiple scenes you just need to pause and then resume with the new scene. Once you have created the video, you can download it on your camera roll or upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook.

You can also create clones of yours in a video with slow and fast motion effects. The new version of VideoFX Live supports 3D paths and also added sports, animals and other emojis.

Link: iTunes Store

3) Vizmato

app like video star -vizmato

Vizmato is a good alternative to video star app. You can shoot multiple videos and add effects and filters to make it stunning. Depending upon the type of the video, you can add the music like romantic, action and others from the app itself.

Vizmato app provides various themes like Hiphop, haunted, splice, lovestruck and many others. Same like other music videos apps, you can share the created video on social media directly from the app.

To get more features along with the cloud storage, you can go with the monthly or yearly plans. The monthly plan will cost you $0.99 and yearly will cost you $9.99.

Link: Play Store/iTunes Store

4) Videoshop

add music to app and filters and effects -videoshop

When you want more customization over a music video, you can go with Videoshop. This app is available for Android as well as for iPhone users. With Videoshop you can remove unwanted parts of the video, add slow or fast motion effects, add music from your device or directly from Videoshop library. You can even add text or animated titles over a video.

Join multiple videos and add amazing transitions between them. Not only this, you can add your own voice over the video. So if you are an Android or iOS user, go ahead and do as much customization as you want.

Link: Play Store/iTunes Store

5) Magisto

similar app to video star - majisto

Magisto, an app like Video Star, available for Android and iOS platform. Upload videos from the device or use Magisto as a camera to shoot videos and add music to them. Once you add music, let Magisto apply video effects like facial recognition, video stabilization, and video effects & filters.

With auto movie maker you can convert photos and videos into movies. Magisto also offers a special style for foodie people called foodie style. Make an amazing video out of your foodie pictures and videos using foodie style feature.

Link: Play Store/iTunes Store

6) iMajiCam

apps like video star for android and iphone -imajicam

Do you want effects and filters at real-time? Then go with the iMajiCam app, it provides 110 effects and filter while shooting the video. You can capture HD photos using iMajiCam app camera and also edit the photos from your camera roll. Various layer effects, wrap effects, filters and color effects are available you can choose from. It supports both front and back camera of your iPhone.

If you want more features and effects, you can go with iMajiCam Pro. It will cost you $1.99.

Link: iTunes Store

7) Funimate

Funimate is a video editor app to create fun videos with its cool real-time effects. It is available for Android and iPhone. You do not need any special skills to use this app. The simple and rich design easily lets you make an eye catching videos in no time. There are more than 15 video effects available in the app. Once you create the video, you can directly share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media sites.

The rating of Funimate app is very good on Google Play Store as well as on iTunes Store. So you can always give a try to this free app which is liked by many users.

Link: Play Store/iTunes Store

Now create cool music videos and share it with your friends with these Android and iPhone apps. If you are aware of any other great apps like Video Star, do share with us via comments.


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