9 Of The Best Free PicMonkey Alternative Tools That Won’t Cost You A Penny

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PicMonkey is an easy and simple photo editor with a great number of basic photo editing features.

No doubt why it is used by so many users. But there was a time when it used to be free.

But now, the users need to pay in order to access all its features. That’s where we bring in similar photo editing apps and websites which you can use for free.

Have a look at these PicMonkey alternative photo editors, and you might never know what you can find here.

Adobe Spark Post


This is a web-based photo editor by Adobe, the same company that’s behind Adobe Acrobat.

It is a versatile app that allwos you to easily create media for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. In Adobe Spark Post, you can organize your work in folders and projects and share it with others. You can use templates and some templates are premiums and some are free. You can work on multiple brands and for each brand, you can choose colors, logo, fonts. To unlock more features such as remove the Adobe Spark watermark, invite others to work with you and more, you can buy a premium version.

Links: Adobe Spark Post



This is a web-based photo editor just like PicMoneky. And it is also available as an app for both the Play Store and App Store. Their web service works similarly like their mobile app. You can add images from your computer hard drive, Google drive, Stock images, Facebook, Dropbox, Webcam, and BeFunky account. Although you won’t be needing an account for editing any photo.

Various filters are given in the left sidebar under Digital Art category. You can use these effects if you don’t want to get in trouble of making manual adjustments. And if you want, then just click on the edit icon on the left side where you will find basic adjustments like exposure, fill light, vibrance, sharpen, clarity, smoothening, color mixer, and many more.

Links: BeFunky | BeFunky for Android | BeFunky for iOS



This photo editing tool is available on a web-based platform, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. On the website, you can add images from the computer, Dropbox, Drive, and Facebook. After that, you can check all the editing options which are available on the left side of the tool. Some of these options are beauty, frame, text, stickers, and many more.

Apart from these editing options, you can directly apply the filters from the 1 tap enhance list. And users can even make a collage and design by clicking on the edit drop down. Once you are done, save the file back to the computer or to your cloud storage.

Links: Fotor | Fotor for Android | Fotor for iOS



Another online photo editor with a great interface. In this editor, users can even create a new image with either solid colors or just a simple background image or make the image background transparent. And as usual, they can add images from the hard drive as well as from the URL.

If you have ever used photoshop previously, then you will find many similarities between these two platforms. All the editing tools are merged in a toolbar on the left side of the screen in a column pattern. Hover on each icon to find the name of that icon. This may take some time to get used to it, but its definitely worth it. You also have the layers sections on the right side just like Adobe Photoshop.

Links: Pixlr | Pixlr for Android | Pixlr for iOS


Fotojet - best picmonkey alternative tool

Probably, one of the best Picmonkey alternatives you can find right now. This is an online photo editor, collage creator, and quality graphic designer tool. It offers various rich features like adding text to a photo, vintage old photo effects, chromatic effects, lomo filters, classic frames and borders, overlay and color splash.

You will have all the basic adjustments like crop, rotating, resizing, exposure and color grading. Along with these features, you also have some advanced customizations like sharpening, dehaze, vignette, noise, focus, color splash, and selective color.

Links: FotoJet | FotoJet for Chrome

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When it comes to the interface and appealing theme, Ribbet is surely ahead of every app and websites like PicMonkey. And it works faster as compared to the other services mentioned here. Ribbet can be used to edit a photo and make a collage online or through mobile apps.

Before you proceed with editing on the desktop, make sure the Flash Player is installed and enabled. If you are using it for the first time, then it will automatically prompt you to select either light or dark theme. Coming to the editing part, most of the tool is similar to the websites mentioned above. Once you complete the editing and saving part, you have the option to share it on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Links: Ribbet | Ribbet for Chrome | Ribbet for iOS

Canva Photo Editor


I have used this editor on my phone for templates and designing and never knew about the web platform not until recently. And I was immediately hooked. There is no need to download extra plugins. Just add or upload the images and start editing. You can even try editing tools on their demo image.

Canva offers the easiest controls. All the basic tools are scattered on to the top of the screen. And just below them, you will find all the filters and effects which you can apply with a single click.

Links: Canva | Canva for Android | Canva for iOS



This photo editor requires you to download, install and enable the latest flash version before proceeding to the editor. Pizap offers you more platforms to select the photo from Computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Webcam, and Google Search.

All the basic control will automatically generate besides your photo just after selecting the pic you want to edit. Remaining control and tools are placed on the top of the screen. You can always access the free trial version before upgrading to the Pro Pizap version.

Links: piZap | piZap for Android | piZap for iOS


PicsArt Photo Editor, a PicMonkey Alternative Tool

PicsArt is one tool for all your photo editing purposes. Be it the editing of photos for posting on Instagram and Facebook or making thumbnails for YouTube videos, PicsArt always gets a thumbs up. The app is even easier to use than making a cup of tea. But this does not limit the effects and features of PicsArt.

The variety of amazing effects and tools will boggle your mind as to which one to leave and which one to go for. This awesome app does not limit your creativity to just photos. Choose the video saved on your phone and belch out your creativity you were holding for a long time.

The amazingness of this app is what makes it the most popular editing software and not to forget, one of the best alternatives for sites like PicMonkey.

Link: PicsArt Photo Editor

Did You Like My PicMonkey Alternative Photo Editing Apps And Sites?

Hope you found some important stuff in this best PicMonkey alternative apps and websites.

The convenient part about all these online photo editors is that you can use the same applications in your smartphones.

And if you only want to use one of them, then definitely go for Canva or Fotojet. Both are equally robust and awesome.

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