7 Best Google Voice Alternatives You Can Use

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Google products are mostly installed and used due to their security measures and free usage. Pick any category and you will see Google either at the top or competing for the top. Google Voice is also one of the best VoIP services through which users can send and receive texts, voicemail and call other users. But to find the best product, you will have to try others too. That’s what we are here for. And you will be surprised what other companies are offering. Follow this article to find the best Google Voice Alternatives.

Best Sites & Apps Like Google Voice

1. Phonebooth


This is an online website service which works similarly like Google Voice. It is a phone based system which provides many features like transcriber voicemail through which you can directly receive your phone voicemails to your email. In this system, you will receive a phone number through which you can make unlimited calls and all the incoming calls will be routed towards your private phone number. And if you are not available then you also have the virtual receptionist to answer calls for you. Before investing or even registering to their services, you can request a demo to get a clear understanding of the system. Snapchat is one the best customers they have.

Visit Phonebooth.com

2. Phone.com

Phone.com - Apps like Google Voice

This website lets its users set up their own business phone system online. It is a paid service which you can start using for a starting price of $9.00 per month. Phone.com provides a ton of features like call recording, call analytics, CRM integration, custom local numbers, global numbers, international calling rates, video conferencing service, voicemail transcription and many more. And it is available on both iOS and Android operating systems, therefore, you can easily manage and organize phone system through your smartphones itself.

Visit Phone.com | Phone.com for Android | Phone.com for iOS

3. RingCentral


This is a cloud-based platform instead of being just an online phone system. RingCentral has more than 350K customers. It is a perfect tool for small businesses as well as big Enterprises. Various features offered here are phone numbers, cloud PBX, call management, collaboration, voicemail, Internet fax, greetings and many more. There are a lot of apps and products which you might not know are integrated with RingCentral like Office 365, Outlook, Dropbox and so on.

Visit RingCentral | RC Phone for Android | RC Phone for iOS

4. Ooma


This is a free calling service for all the users. You can use Ooma for your personal use as well as your business. It provides a different set of features for both the categories. Home customers will get HD voice quality, voice encryption and a voice compression system. Whereas for business users, customers can use the benefits of the virtual receptionist, video conferencing and many more. Apart from calling system, Ooma also provides other products as well like Office, Telo, and home security. And you can even use Ooma on your mobile phones.

Visit Ooma | Ooma for Android | Ooma for iOS

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5. Grasshopper

Sites like Google Voice - Grasshopper

This is a perfect Google voice alternative for business owners. It has that professional and authentic feel which gives it an upper hand than other services mentioned in this list. Thanks to advanced call routing features, you can prepare everytime you receive a business call as it will inform you the same. You can customize the automated greetings everytime you get an incoming call to welcome them. Users can also perform voice modulations for welcoming using voice studio.

Visit Grasshopper

6. Telzio


A cloud phone system for any kind of business. And Facebook is one of them. Telzio has an easy and user-friendly interface. Once registered, you can add an unlimited number of users and same with the VoIP lines. Telzio has been known for 100% uptime since last two years. Plus, it is also cheap as compared to others websites. You can start with $1 for every month initially but only for a single user. Users can request a quote before investing in Telzio’s features.

Visit Telzio

7. FreedomPop

FreedomPop - Google Voice Alternatives

This is another cloud-based phone system. Customers can use FreedomPop to build their own calling system or center. And they can even run their enterprise by phone. Frankly, this is made for the mobile purpose only. Users will only require one phone number for all their business operations. FreedomPop also provides an option to blacklist numbers which are annoying you, that usually happens in every business. For starting, just enter your zip code to check its availability in your area.

Visit FreedomPop | FreedomPop for Android | FreedomPop for iOS


All these Google Voice alternatives are great and easy to use. You will hardly face any difficulties while accessing them. And as I have mentioned earlier, these products provide much more flexibility than Google voice. Try for yourself and let us know your thoughts below in the comments section.

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