Top 5 Twilio Alternatives For SMS And Voice Calls APIs

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Twilio is an API based platform through which customers or business can make a phone communication app or service using VoIP features from their website. It was the first service of its own kind that is why it is more expensive than others. Twilio offers limited pricing options whereas other Twilio alternatives are charging much less as compared to them. Therefore, it makes sense to find other services like Twilio.

Twilio Alternatives

1. Bandwidth

Twilio Alternative - Bandwidth

Have you ever known that you are already using Bandwidth services indirectly? Shocked right? Two of the biggest Internet platforms like Google and Skype are using Bandwidth as their service provider. I think this fact speaks itself why it is on top of this list.

Initially, Bandwidth was one of the first Twilio’s carrier but later started their own services and stood up as one of the major competitors. Before investing in, you can easily have a free trial and even talk to Bandwidth customer experts for any queries. After registering, you will get a support team which will help you establish your app and network. And the best part is that this team will be available to you anytime and any day.

Official Website – Bandwidth

2. Nexmo


Nexmo provides its calling communication services in 90 different countries and text services in 35 different countries. Unlike Twilio, Nexmo service charges are based upon seconds rather than minutes through which users can make a decent amount of profit. You can test their services for free. All you have to do is provide your name, password, email and contact info to get started.

Although they don’t have a direct network carrier like some other services but still that gives you the freedom of switching from one carrier to another carrier any time you want. This way you can save a ton of money depending on the situation.

Official Website – Nexmo

3. Sinch


Sinch has over 1 millions of users for their products which in itself is a pretty huge deal. It is best for high uptime and better quality. The only drawback to Sinch is that they provide customer support via email, and that can be an issue sometimes.

They provide many features in their voice connections like voice encryption, DID management, Push Notifications, Fast connect cross-platform support and global reach. Some of their voice products are:

  • App to App calling
  • App to Phone calling
  • Phone to Phone calling
  • Text to speech
  • SIP integration

and many more.

Official Website – Sinch

4. Plivo

Plivo - APIs for SMS, Voice Calls & Phone Numbers GloballyAlthough the coverage is smaller as compared to other services in Plivo, still it’s effective. They provide voice services in 50 countries and text in 19 countries. And in each nation, they provide 2 different network carriers so that the customers always have 1 alternative as a backup.

Rest of the working is same but in PHLO, users can create voice and SMS app by just dragging and dropping widgets. It is in Beta version as of now but still quite a unique feature among all the competitors. Users can sign up for free in Plivo and even contact support team to get started.

Official Website – Plivo

5. Telnyx

Telnyx - Best Twilio Alternatives

One of the best alternatives to Twilio is Telnyx. It has similar features just like Twilio but is more cost effective without compromising the quality. The website’s interface is great and easy to use. Pricing and all other relevant information are displayed on their website only and you don’t even need to login to view these details.

In terms of services and Products, Telnyx provides Global voice products, programmable messaging products, identity verification products, and Automated networking and Cloud products. Cloud communication service is the highlight product of this website.

Official Website – Telnyx

All the services mentioned here are great Twilio alternatives and provide their features worldwide. They all are easy to use and can be a real cost saver as compared to Twilio. So start building your SMS and voice calls services for your business now.

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