Embed Web Page, PDF, Tweet, Instagram Photo, And More In Gmail: Mixmax Review

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This is one of our tutorials that will help to improve productivity when others view your emails in Gmail. At the same time, your email will get more attention. You will learn about how to insert web pages, PDF, Tweets, Instagram photos, and more while composing an email in Gmail. It will boost the productivity of people viewing your email as they don’t have to navigate away from Gmail to see the contents of the link or tweet emailed by you. Apart from that, there are many other advantages of embedding tweets, web pages which we will discuss in the article.

Embed Web page, PDF, Tweet, Instagram photo in Gmail

Advantages of Embedding Links In Email

Believe me, if I get links in an email, I never bother to open them if I am running on a tight schedule and have plenty of emails to reply to. And I think similar is the case with you as well. The reason we resist clicking on links is that it just takes us away from our main task (Gmail) and hampers productivity.

Moreover, if you are sharing a tweet or an Instagram photo to make your point then it is always a good idea to embed it directly in the email itself as it catches the eye, unlike the plain URL. All in all, to get your links noticed in an email it is always better to embed them which also saves time and is convenient for the recipient.

So, let us dive in and look at the procedure to insert tweet, web page and Instagram photos in Gmail.

Note: I won’t talk about taking a screenshot or copying the contents of the web page and pasting it into the email. That is really not worth it. You will find how to embed the entire web page, PDF, tweet with full functionality in Gmail in this guide.

Embed Webpage, PDF, Tweet, Instagram photo in Gmail

I had a requirement of inserting a tweet in Gmail. On looking out for a solution, I came across this wonderful Chrome Extension. It really is awesome and makes the email experience worthwhile. I am assuming that you have a Chrome browser installed.

1. Add Mixmax Chrome Extension.

2. After installing the extension, log in to Gmail and give Mixmax access to your Gmail account by clicking on Activate Mixmax.

Embed Webpage in Gmail

3. Once Mixmax is activated the New Message window which appears after clicking on COMPOSE will be loaded with a lot of features. You can take the tour to know all the options provided by Mixmax. For now, we will focus mainly on inserting web pages, tweet, and Instagram photo in Gmail.

Embed Web page in Gmail
New features added

4. The feature in which we are interested in this article is Enhance tab at the bottom left corner of New Message window. Click on it and you will have options to insert PDF as a Slide and Web page under Media Section.

5. To insert PDF in Gmail – select PDF Slideshow and browse the PDF file on your computer . To insert complete web page with contents select Article and enter the URL of desired web page.

Embed PDF in Email in Gmail
Insert Entire Web page in Gmail
Full Web page inserted in email

You may also directly paste the URL of the desired web page. But that will only generate a preview with the title, thumbnail, and summary of the web page as shown below.

Web previews in Email in Gmail
Web page preview inserted

6. To embed Tweet, Instagram photo or even LinkedIn select Twitter Tweet, Instagram, and LinkedIn respectively under the Link Previews section. Enter the URL of the tweet or Instagram photo and they will be inserted in the email.

Insert Instagram Photo in Email

Alternatively, paste the URL directly in the Subject of the email and Mixmax will generate the preview automatically. Your tweet, Instagram photo, or whatever the link contains will be embedded.

Embed Instagram photo in Gmail
Instagram photo Embedded

There is also an option to send Tweet, Instagram photo as a URL if desired. Hover on the tweet and click on Remove to send a tweet as a link in the email.

Embed Tweet in Gmail
Tweet Embedded

7. After inserting desired links click on Send Now.

Amazing, isn’t it? It’s possible to view the tweet or Instagram photo in email without leaving Gmail and hence to save a lot of time.

More Features From Mixmax

There are many other features of Mixmax like undo sent an email in Gmail, email tracking to help you know who opened your email, when was your email read but for that, you need to upgrade to the professional version of Mixmax. However, with the free version, you are alerted about the time your email was read. Mixmax even provides email scheduling.

Mixmax - see when your Email is read in Gmail

There are many features provided by Mixmax and I have absolutely relished the one’s I have explored till now. Brilliant Tool for Gmail users to get their emails proper attention and make the most out of it. This is one of the best software I have written about here at TechUntold and I haven’t even upgraded to the premium version.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the Mixmax Chrome plugin and make your emails more efficient by inserting the Web pages, Tweets, and more in the email itself. And if you need to insert a PDF into a Word doc, we got you covered, too!

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