Office Desk Accessories and Gadgets for Productivity

In this post we bring to you best must have Office Desk Accessories, gadgets and tips for improving productivity and maintaining health. Products which can literally make working fun at office.

Our offices are places sometimes where we spend more time than our houses. We’ll be spending most of our life working, whether you like it or not this is the truth for the most of us. I’m not even getting into the topic of doing something meaningful in your life and following your passions because that topic is spoken about extensively.

Office Desk Accessories

What I’m going to talk about is actually setting up a work environment that will make you the most efficient you’ve been. We have broken down this aspect of productivity based on many factors and we give tips, ideas, gadgets and office desk accessories that can help you achieve the highest productivity.

Let’s get to some tips first.

Tips for Improving Productivity at work

1. Avoid Decision Fatigue

Don’t take a lot of decisions and be ‘boring’, this will help you keep a clean mind for better decision making. How? There is something called as decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is when your brain’s willpower and your ability to make decisions keeps getting worse and worse as you keep taking decisions. It can be something as simple as choosing what to wear, that makes your brain think or the food that you want to order.

If you keep decision fatigue to the minimum, you end up making better decisions for the important crossroads of the day. This is the reason that entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg wear the same type of T-shirt and jeans every day, so that they don’t waste their precious decision making skills.

2. Eat that frog

There’s an even a book with this topic. It says that you have to do the toughest of your tasks first thing in the morning, when you have the most energy and willpower. Doing this helps you put your best resources for the toughest task. This also helps in beating procrastination.

Procrastination happens when your tough task is stopping you and you don’t have the willpower to complete it. So always start your day with the hardest task and get it out of the way to let your brain handle the easier tasks in the later part of the day.

Office Desk Accessories for Productivity and Creativity

We’ve chosen a few products that we think will help with maintaining productivity, improving health, efficiency and creativity.

1. Pomodoro Technique

Office Desk Accessories

The Pomodoro Technique has become popular very recently and for reasons that are justified. Created by an Italian named Francesco Cirillo, the Pomodoro techniques works on the principle that humans have short attention spans and specifically 25 minutes of concentration.

So the Pomodoro technique has a clock that is set to 25 minutes and after every 25 minutes you take a break of 5 minutes. After every 4 sessions of 25 minutes each, the person should take a 20 minute break. Even though people can concentrate for more than 25 minutes straight, the quality of their output cannot be guaranteed.

Pomodoro Technique on Amazon

2. Mountie

Office Gadgets

Mountie is a neat gadget that lets you hook your phone to your laptop with a simple gadget. You can use the Mountie to keep your phone right next to the monitor. This is useful for checking notifications on your phone and copying some important information. Developers can also use it as a multi-screen by having a laptop and a tablet right next to each other. This does not work with desktops!

Mountie on Amazon

3. Grammarly

We all have a lot of typing to do on a daily basis irrespective of our job descriptions. People have to write mails, write articles, write resumes, comment on social sites and so on. If you make a mistake with spelling or grammar, it looks unprofessional in a business setting and you’ll get trolled on social media sites.

To keep checking our work can get annoying. The makers of Grammarly have hit the nail on the head with this software product that helps you with checking your spelling mistakes, grammar, sentence construction and more. It’s a learning software and it really helps with keeping your content clean. There’s a desktop application as well as a chrome plugin that takes care of your content everywhere.

Here is an example of a bunch of sentences I wrote.  This was done straight through the Grammarly website. Their premium offering almost writes your article but their learning algorithm is prone to a few errors. As this product improves, people’s writing skills will all be the same with tools like this.

Improving Productivity at work

Grammarly has a free as well as premium version. Of course premium version has advanced grammar and spelling checks, plagiarism checker and more. If you like the way free version works you can always switch to Premium version and become advanced flawless writers.

Grammarly Official Website

4. Gorilla Baby : Wooden Cord Organizer

Office Gadgets for Productivity

Minimalism and neatness have been helping with keeping your mind clean and being productive. A lot of times, a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind(Except Einstein). Have you cleaned your room or your work space and found out that you feel much refreshed? If you are like that, then this gadget will really help.

Most of our gadgets have wires charging them and they can all be together, tangled and annoying. The Gorillababy is a beautiful device that keeps your cords in control. It has an elegant wood finish to give a nice beautiful look to your working area, as well as taking care of the cords.

Gorilla Baby Cord Organizer

5. Mist Screen Cleaner

Must Have Office Gadgets

In our gadgets filled lives, we have a lot of screens. Our phone screens, our laptop screens and tablet screens. A lot of our computers “seem” to get old faster because we don’t keep our screens clean. It’s filled with dust and fingerprints and it takes away the feeling of having a brand new device.

A dirty screen also affects visibility and makes you squint without you realizing. Not all cloths are good for cleaning the screen because of the scratches that forms while wiping. The cleaning kits that are common come with a liquid that isn’t effective and cloth that forms scratches on your screen.

The Mist was formed for this reason and it’s a simple, elegant, petite product for this annoying problem. The best part is the spray cum cleaner in one simple device. You don’t need a separate cloth and a liquid dispenser bottle. It’s all in one.

Mist Screen Cleaner on Amazon

6. SeeNote – Digital Sticky Note

Must have Office Accessories

This is one product that we are truly excited about. It’s in pre-order and it is going to be epic. The SeeNote is the future of sticky notes and it is a simple device that sticks on the wall and performs the functions of a sticky note without the shortcomings of one.

The sticky note is not eco-friendly and it lasts only for a little while. On the other hand, the SeeNote Digital sticky note doesn’t mess up your work notice board with unnecessary sticky notes and calls to attention the most important function. You can have a SeeNote in your house as well that lists you your important tasks and keeps you updated on the things that you need to do.

SeeNote Official Website 

7. Equil Smartpen 2

Office Desk Gadgets

How much ever the world wants us to shift to everything digital, there are some habits we can’t help but still keep. Writing for one, a lot of writers and artists just cannot start doodling straight on a computer for reasons nobody knows yet. Sometimes it’s easier to get creative with a pen in your hand and paper to write on. But getting your idea from paper to computer can be a hard task, having to scan and trace the image. A company has understood this pain of the user and has come up with the Equil Smartpen.

This is a smart pen that follows the flow of your pen and automatically registers it in the cloud. You could use any paper and use the Equil Smart Pen on it. Once uploaded, you could share it across channels and save it in your iCloud or Dropbox.

Equil Smartpen 2 on Amazon

8. The Mount It – Sit – Stand Desk

Must have Office Gadgets

Offices have started to understand the need for healthy lifestyle of their employees and it is suggested that sitting in the same place for hours together can increase the risk of heart attacks and lifestyle diseases like diabetes. So a new trend of standing desks began where desks were created at a standing height of the human. The problem with this was, you needed dedicated sitting desks and standing desks. For smaller offices this isn’t a viable option.

To optimize on space, the Mount it was created that helped optimize space by bringing in a device that could turn and extend and behaved like a desk on it’s own. With adjustable levers you could either fit it in the sitting position or in the standing position. This is an awesome device that uses lesser space and also is good for your health.

Mount It Sit Stand Desk on Amazon

That was our list of carefully curated gadgets, tools and tips that focused on making you more productive, maintain your creative and give you a healthier lifestyle as well.

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Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.


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