How To Export Passwords From Chrome

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While logging in to multiple websites and creating different kinds of password for each we tend to forget some of them. And to make it easy, Google account allows saving passwords of accounts or credentials by just logging in to your Google account via the Chrome browser. Whenever you create a new account on any site Chrome will automatically ask to save the user id and password for the same.

You can check all the saved passwords and even save them to your PC. This way you will never have to worry about forgetting the credentials of any of your accounts whether it’s social media or any other website. You can save these passwords as CSV(Comma Separated Value) file format and later check it offline in Microsoft Excel Sheet. Not only this you can also import other passwords with the similar file formats to Chrome browser. So let us see that how can you export passwords from Chrome browser as a CSV file to your PC and check it offline later.

Export Passwords From Chrome To CSV

Exporting the saved passwords from your Chrome browser is simple. Just follow the steps given below and you will get to know how.

Step 1

Open Chrome browser and make sure you are logged in with your Google account into the browser.

Now from the Chrome browser, tap on the three dots at the top right corner as shown in the image and then select Settings.

Export passwords from Chrome

Step 2

With this, you will enter your account setting in the browser. Here click on passwords, the second option below your account picture.

Click on passwords - Chrome

Step 3

This will take you to the page where all your saved passwords will be shown and you can browse through them. Select the three dots right in front of saved passwords and  Export passwords will appear. Click on it.

export passwords from chrome as CSV

Step 4

Now it will show a pop-up menu, select Export passwords again. It will ask you to log in through the password of your computer and then tap Ok to be sure that you are the one trying to save the passwords.

Windows user account login while exporting passwords

Step 5

After that, it will ask the location and title for the CSV to be saved in your system. You can either save in the default location or select any other of your choice. Once satisfied, tap on Save and your passwords will be exported to your system.

save Chrome passwords as CVS

You can check them anytime from the location you have saved the file. As it can be accessed from Microsoft Excel, you will not need to open the browser again and again.

How To Import Passwords To Chrome Browser

Saving passwords into the chrome browser is as easy as exporting from it. But before that, you will need to enable one of the Chrome Flags for enabling the importing function. Type chrome://flags// on the URL of Chrome browser to access the flags options.

import passwords to chrome

Here you will see Password import, if not then search it using the search bar. Click on the option in front of it and from the drop menu select Enabled. Then the browser will ask you to relaunch itself to save your desired settings.

Once the browser is reopened, similar to the above exporting method, Click on the three dots at right top corner on the browser>Settings>Passwords. Now again in front of the Save passwords click on three dots.

import passwords Chrome

You will be able to see the import option. Click it and you will be able to save CSV formats password file to your Chrome browsers.

Final Words

This was the simple way to save or backup passwords from your Chrome browser to your PC or any desktop. It can be helpful in many situations when you may not remember, lose or delete your passwords for any of the accounts you use. But do remember to keep this CSV file safe so that no one can see your credentials.

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