How To Remove Your Number From Truecaller Database

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Truecaller has been a great source to find or detect contacts globally. It really is an incredible application as it shows you the real name of the contact, and is available on almost all platforms including Android and iOS. However, if for some reason you do not want others to identify your number on Truecaller, then you can remove the number from the Truecaller database. Yes, Truecaller gives you the authority to unlist your phone number from its database and we will let you know how exactly can you do that. So if you want to prevent others from detecting your number on Truecaller, then you can continue reading this article.

The Benefit Of Unlisting Phone Number From Truecaller

Uninstalling Truecaller from your smartphone is your personal choice, but just uninstalling Truecaller ain’t a good option. Because your number is still there in the Truecaller database. And its users can still detect your number even if you have uninstalled the app from your device. Therefore it is important to unlist your number from the Truecaller database as well. Once you do that you get full privacy over your phone number.

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Remove Your Number From Truecaller Database

You will first have to deactivate your Truecaller account using its app. After that, you can delete your number using Truecaller website. You will find the steps for both the methods below.

Deactivate Truecaller Account

1. Firstly, open the Truecaller app on your smartphone.

2. Now once the app opens, go to Settings and select Privacy Center.Privacy center under settings option in Truecaller app

3. After that, tap on Deactivate under the Privacy Center, to deactivate your account.Deactivate Truecaller account

4. Lastly, it will ask you to confirm your decision. You can tap on Yes for confirmation.Confirmation

Note: You can follow the same steps for the iPhone as well. The steps to deactivate your account are the same for all the platforms.

Unlist Your Number From Truecaller

You cannot just sit idly after deactivating the Truecaller account. Because your number is still present in the Truecaller database. And anyone with the Truecaller app can still detect or find your number. So if you want to completely remove your number from Truecaller, then you have to also follow the steps below.

1. Go to this Unlist link after you’ve deleted your account. You can open this link on any browser on your mobile or computer.

2. The link will take you on the Truecaller unlist page. Now, if you scroll down, you will find the option to enter your phone number. You can provide your number with the country code here to unlist it from the database.remove your number from Truecaller

3. After entering your number, check the captcha box and hit UNLIST PHONE NUMBER.Truecaller unlist form

4. Now you will get a confirmation message, just click on Unlist for confirmation. After that, you will get a message from Truecaller stating that your number will be unlisted from the database within 24 hours. Wait for 24 hours and your number will be completely removed from Truecaller.Mobile Number unlist confirmation

Note: Following these methods, one can easily remove their number from the Truecaller. But make sure you first deactivate the Truecaller account from the app itself. Because Truecaller only allows the non-active numbers to be unlisted from its database.

What Happens After Unlisting Number

A database is a website’s storage area, where it keeps all the records of it in an organized manner. When you create an account with Truecaller, your number is also kept safe in the database. When you deactivate your account your number still remains in the database, and Truecaller users can still detect it. But when you unlist your number, your number is permanently removed from it and no one can use it again.


Your number will be removed from the Truecaller database in 24 hours after unlisting it. After that, no one can find you or your phone number on Truecaller. Obviously, you too won’t be able to use Truecaller to identify other people’s telephone numbers. So, take your decision after considering all these points.

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