Handy YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts you must not miss

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Video Sharing Website, YouTube is used vastly by billion of users. Approximately 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and everyday billion of views are recorded on YouTube. This stat gives us an idea of mighty usage of YouTube worldwide. Having said that most of the users are not aware of efficient Keyboard shortcuts of YouTube which can get most of the operations done for you without using Touchpad or Mouse. Here in this article we will mention cool YouTube keyboard Shortcuts which you will find really useful.

YouTube KeyBoard Shortcuts

Use only keyboard to operate your favorite video sharing website with the following shortcut keys :

1. Pause/ Play  – Use Space to pause/play video. This is the basic shortcut known by many. Additionally, you can use k to Play/pause YouTube video.

2. Forward – Use right arrow key to forward 5 seconds from current time of the video.

3. Rewind – Use left arrow key to rewind 5 seconds from current time of the video.

4. Forward 10 seconds – Use l key on the keyboard to forward 10 seconds of the video at any point.

5. Rewind 10 seconds –  Using j key will rewind 10 seconds of the video.

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6. Go to specific percentage of total length of Video – Use the number keys 1-9 to navigate to 10%-90% of the video respectively. For instance, pressing 3 will take you to 30% of the video’s total length.

7. Voulme increase/decrease – Use up and down arrow keys to increase and decrease YouTube video volume respectively.

8. Mute/Unmute – Pressing m key will mute/umunte the video.

9. Restart a video or go to start – Use Home keyboard key to go to start of the video. Alternatively, you may also use 0 number key to restart the video.

10. Go to Next video in the playlist – Make use of combination of Shift and N to skip to next song in the playlist in YouTube.

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11. Go to Previous video in the playlist – Use Shift and P  to go back to previous song played or in playlist.

12. Increase/ Decrease Video speed –  Use < key to decrease the speed of the video and > key to increase the speed of YouTube video.

13. Get the focus on Search Box – If you want to key in something in Youtube search box then no need to use mouse to click on the search box in order to key in your search query. Rather use / keyboard key to do the same.

Apart from these shortcuts use Shift and ? in order to view YouTube keyboard shortcuts. With this keyboard combination a few shortcuts available in YouTube will be listed.

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Which shortcut was your favorite and which one you use the most? Do share if you know any other shortcut missed in the article.

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