How To Print From Google Earth and Maps

How To Print From Google Earth and Maps

We all use Google Earth for exploring different parts of the world right on our computer screen. It is a great tool for exploration or educational purposes. But do you know that you can actually print the map from Google Earth and Maps in high resolution? Keeping a printed copy of a map can help … Read more

How To Use Google Earth Street View

How to Use Google Earth Street View

Google Street View is a revolutionary feature that has taken virtual tourism to the next level. Now, you can visit any part of the world and explore that place in 3D from the comfort of your home. At present, the street view is available in around 50 countries worldwide. But, the numbers are increasing and … Read more

Google Earth vs Google Maps: Know The Difference

Google Earth vs Google Maps

If you have not been living under the rock, then you must have heard of Google Earth and Google Maps for sure. These services are quite similar when we talk about their purpose which is navigating and exploring the world. However, they are quite distinct in the way they work. Here, in this tutorial of … Read more