How To Export Shazam Playlist To Spotify And YouTube

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Shazam lets you discover new songs and allows you to listen to them later by creating a playlist in its Library. However, you can not listen to these songs in the app for more than 30 seconds. For that, you will have to export the Shazam playlist to other music streaming apps. Shazam supports two such streaming platforms, Apple Music and Spotify respectively.

Apart from that, you can also export the Shazam tags to the YouTube playlist in order to watch the video songs. Since Shazam does not support export to YouTube, we will have to use a third-party website to get the job done. Here in this article, we share the tutorial to export the Shazam playlist to Spotify and YouTube.

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Export Shazam Playlist To Spotify

If you are an iPhone user, you get the option to add the Shazam songs to either Apple Music or Spotify. However, an Android user can only export the playlist to Spotify. Follow the steps below to make Spotify playlist with Shazam songs.

Important: Before we start, make sure you are logged into your account on both Shazam and Spotify app on your smartphone. Also, you can follow these steps on Android as well as iPhone.

1. Open Shazam app, tap on Library at the top left corner or simply swipe right on the home screen to go to Shazam library. Now tap on your profile icon to go to Settings.

Shazam settings

2. Now tap on Connect next to Spotify under STREAMING. An agreement page will appear, scroll down and tap on Agree.

connect shazam to spotify

3. You’re now connected to Spotify, tap on GOT IT (in Android) to get started. On the iPhone, for the first time only it will ask for permission to open Shazam, tap on Open to give permission.

Spotify connected to Shazam

With this, you are now connected to Spotify on Shazam. You can disconnect from Spotify anytime by tapping on the Disconnect button.

4. A playlist with the name My Shazam Track will be created in the Spotify app. Now when you Shazam a song it will be automatically exported to the playlist “My Shazam Tracks” in the Spotify app instantly.

export Shazam playlist to Spotify

With this, you can now easily sync your Shazam playlist to Spotify from both Android and iOS devices.

However, the Shazamed song with more than one match in Spotify won’t be added automatically to Spotify playlist. For that, you will have to manually add songs to Spotify. You can follow the given method to do so

Create Spotify Playlist From Shazam Songs Manually On Android/iOS

1. Select the song you want to export to Spotify in Shazam Library section.

Note: In this case, Add To option will be greyed out as there are multiple songs with the same title on Spotify so it’s not clear which one to add in your Spotify playlist.

You need to tap on Open or the Spotify icon to open this song in the Spotify app.

Open the song in shazam

2. You will see that Spotify has a list of items matching the song. Tap on the 3 dots icon next to the song you wish to export and select Add to Playlist.

make Spotify playlist from Shazam songs

Select the My Shazam Tracks playlist or any other as you like.

Following these steps, you can now easily export Shazam tags to Spotify manually.

Export Shazam Tags To YouTube

1. Open Chrome browser on your desktop and visit Shazam website. Then log into your account.

Shazam profile

2. In another tab, go to Now drag and drop the myShazam.json button to the bookmark area of the Chrome browser. If you can’t see the bookmarks bar then you can enable it by clicking on 3 dots > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Bar.

Shazam2Youtube Converter

3. Now go back to the Shazam tab and click on the newly created bookmark As soon as you click on the bookmark, a file will be downloaded with the name myShazam.json.

downloaded shazam playlist

4. Now again go back to the Shazam Converter tab and drag and drop the downloaded file to the blue box under Step #3.

Drag and Drop downloaded playlist

5. On the next page, it will tell you about the duplicate entries (if any) and ask if you want to continue. Click on OK. Now it will take a few seconds to fetch the songs.

continue option

6. Log into your YouTube account if not already logged in.

Login in to youtube

Note: If you are already logged in, you skip to step 9.

7. Use your email id to log in to your YouTube account and Allow the required permissions.

Allow permissions

8. Select the privacy level that you wish to have on your playlist on YouTube and then click on Continue and wait for few seconds.

select privacy settings


9. Now select Watch it with YouTube.

Watch on youtube

With this, you have exported your Shazam playlist to YouTube.

export Shazam playlist to Youtube

Now you can enjoy your favorite Shazamed music with videos on YouTube.

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We hope you were able to successfully export Shazam playlist to Spotify and YouTube. You can use other browsers like Safari, Opera, and Firefox to add Shazam tags to YouTube. However, we recommended using Chrome as other browsers may have different settings. If you liked our tutorial then share it with others to help them export their favorite songs. And if you find any problem then tell us in the comments below.

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Ankit is a tech enthusiast and loves to write. He is also very keen on gadgets and smartphones. Likes to read tech blogs and gain as much knowledge as he can.

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