How To Download Music From Shazam: Get Your Favorite Tunes Now!

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Shazam is one of its kind Music app that lets you recognize music playing around you.

You can listen to all the identified songs from your library on Apple Music and Spotify. Not just recognize but can also Discover songs by searching for Artists and Songs on the app itself.

However, Shazam doesn’t let you download songs it recognizes, well officially it doesn’t. But no need to worry as we have a workaround that will help you download songs from Shazam on Android and iOS. So do you want to recognize and download all the melodies and songs around you?

If yes, then follow the method shown in the tutorial to easily get the job done.

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How Shazam Works?

Before downloading songs from Shazam, it’s better to know how it works. So basically, there are three main steps involved in the working of this app. These three steps are Listening, Recognizing, and Showing results. When you use the Shazam app to recognize a song, you let it use your phone’s microphone to listen to the song.

The app then creates a digital fingerprint for that song, which is then matched with millions of tracks available on the Shazam’s database. Once the digital fingerprints are matched with a song in the database, it shows up in the result and also gets saved in your library. Now when you know about the working of the app, let’s get on with the tutorial to download the recognized songs on Shazam.

Download Music From Shazam On Android And iPhone

To download music from Shazam you will have to use a 3rd party music downloader app. We are going to show you two such apps for Android and one method for iPhone that you can use to easily download songs from Shazam on your smartphones.

Disclaimer:  This post is for informational purposes, you can use these tricks for personal use and not for commercial as that will be an infringement of copyright.

Method 1: Android

1. Download the ShazaMusic app. Once the app downloads, install it on your device.

Install ShazaMusic

2. Now, go to Shazam and select the song you want to download either from your Library or by searching songs in the Discover section.

Shazam app interface

3. Next, tap on the Share icon at the top right corner. Now scroll down and tap on ShazaMusic.

Share and download song from Shazam

4. Now you can download the song by tapping on the download icon. As soon as you tap on download, the song will start downloading.

download music from Shazam

The songs from Shazam will be downloaded in MP3 format. You can find the song in the internal storage of your device.

Method 2: Download Songs In Audio Or Video Format From Shazam On Android

1. Download the Vidmate app for Android. Once the app downloads, install it on your phone.

2.  Now go to Shazam and find the song you would like to download just like you did in the previous method. Now tap on the Share icon and this time select Copy to clipboard.

Share and copy music to vidmate

3. Now open the Vidmate app. On the Vidmate app, paste the copied text on the search bar at the top and search it.

Vidmate search bar

4. Now you will see results related to the search. Tap on the download icon to download the song.

5. As soon as you tap on the download icon you will see a list of formats to choose from. You can now choose either Audio (MP3 or M4A) or Video format(144p to Full HD) according to your choice.

audio and video formats for downloading

With this, you have downloaded your favorite songs from Shazam.

Method 3: Download Shazamed Music On iPhone

You know how difficult it is to download videos and music on iPhone without jailbreaking it. But don’t worry we have a way that lets you download your Shazamed songs in MP3, MP4 or any video format. So, let the trick begin.

Prerequisite: Download YouTube and Documents by Readdle app on your iOS device.

1. Open the discovered song on the Shazam app that you wish to download. Note down the name of that song.

Discovered song

2. Now open the YouTube app and search for the discovered song. Listen to the song and confirm if it’s the same song you discovered or not. If it’s the same song then tap on Share and select Copy link.

Copy the song link

3. Open the Documents by Readdle app, go to its browser by tapping on the browser icon at the bottom right corner.

Browser on Documents

4. Once you are in the browser of this app visit Now paste the YouTube link here and select the format in which you want to download the song. Tap on START to initiate the conversion.

download music from Shazam

5. Wait for a few seconds until the conversion process is completed. Now tap on DOWNLOAD and on the next screen Save the file in the desired location and then press on Done.

download Shazamed song on iPhone

The song will be downloaded on your iPhone and will be saved in your selected folder.

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We hope you were able to download music from Shazam on Android and iPhone using our tips. However, it is recommended to use these downloaded songs for personal usage and not for commercials as that would be an illegal thing to do. Do share this article with your music lovers’ friends if you like it.

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Ankit is a tech enthusiast and loves to write. He is also very keen on gadgets and smartphones. Likes to read tech blogs and gain as much knowledge as he can.

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