6 Best Shazam Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

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Music plays a major part in our lives. Sometimes you can come across tracks that you wish to hear again and again but you have no idea from where to get them. Or you don’t know the name of the song as you didn’t get the lyrics of the song in the first place. To help you out with music identification there’s an app called Shazam. It lets you identify music being played in the background and shows the lyrics of a song played on it. Shazam is huge among music lovers but it is not the only app that is ace in bringing you the song that pleased you. Also at times, there have been issues with Shazam, like failing to find the music or showing the wrong song, speed issues etc. So, if you are looking for a similar app, here we have compiled a list of 6 best Shazam alternative apps which are available for Android and iOS.

Shazam Alternative Apps

1. SoundHound Music Search & Play

SoundHound - Shazam Alternative for iOS and Android

SoundHound app is one of the best alternatives to Shazam available on both Android and iPhone. It can listen, identify and then play the full song that is playing in your surroundings. It identifies live versions and in the noisy background better than Shazam. The app doesn’t fail to work even when you sing in babbling sound.

It also supports commands like “OK Hound, play – Far away by Nickelback“. Not only that but it also allows you to browse most popular and trending songs. You can learn about latest releases, new popular artist, their photos, other albums and even their birthdays using this app.


2. Musixmatch

Apps Like Shazam - Musixmatch

It is the perfect app for you if you don’t want to waste space on a music player and Shazam at the same time because it works as a music player as well as song identifier. As soon as it identifies the song the lyrics of the songs are also shown on the screen.

Apart from playing and identifying the songs, it has a ‘floating lyrics’ feature. By turning on this feature you can get the lyrics on top of any music video you play online on Youtube, Play Music, Spotify etc.


3. Beatfind – Music Recognition / Visualizer

Beatfind - Shazam Alternatives

Beatfind is a very simple app without any additional features and complexity like other apps. If you are looking to just identify a song very fast then this app is for you. It works in a minimal way and gives the option on one corner to listen to the same song on Spotify, Deezer or Youtube. The app also has the history section which shows all the searched songs directly from the Home screen. This app is available only on Android.


4. Music Identifier

Music Identifier app

If you use Shazam only to identify the song and feel that you are forced to use lots of memory for just one feature, then this is the app for you. It is only 7.7 MB in size and also doesn’t show any ads. Music Identifier recognizes the song in a jiffy with the information related to the song. You can look also look at your search history. Apart from this, it has no additional features.

Link: Android

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5. Musera: Music Social Network

Shazam alternative Android iPhone - Musera

It is an Android app and a nice one like Shazam with many features that are hard to find on other apps. It identifies the songs, lets you make the playlist of all the cool songs you find and allows you to access the playlist of other people also. From this app, it is possible to connect with the people who are listening to the same song and also form a network with people who have similar taste as you.


6. MusicID

MusicID - Shazam alternatives for iOS and Android

MusicID can surely give competition to Shazam in terms of identifying the music being played around you. It is a simple and easy to use app. The app displays the album art and the suggestions similar to the song as well as the artist. There’s a possibility to make a note with the song. It also gives you the option to buy and download a song from Amazon.


So these are few Shazam alternative apps that are helpful in troubleshooting the problems you currently face on Shazam or features you miss on it. My personal favorites are SoundHound for its lots of features and Musixmatch for its music player. Do let us know your experience with these apps. Or if you know about any other cool music identification app like Shazam then do share it in the comments below.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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