10 Best Apps For Writers On Android And iPhone/iPad

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Writing allows you to unleash your thoughts, happiness, pain, desire and whatnot. It takes years to be a writer who is read widely. But the long time does not necessarily mean that one is going to make it big. All it takes to be a writer is lots of patience, practice and of course reading. Patience is upon you but there are lots of apps out there which can help you in your practice and reading efforts. People switched from diaries and notebooks to computers and now with the size of our phones and tablets a writer can be groomed here too. Here we are giving you the list of best apps for writers available on Android and iPhone/iPad that will definitely take the aspiring writer inside you to greater heights.

Best Apps For Writers To Enhance Writing Skills

1. Medium

Best Apps for writers - Medium

Medium is one of the most popular platforms among people who want to share their story and read others. It is available on Android, iOS and as a website too. You can follow people and topic of your interest, explore all the new ideas and views they have to share. It also has the feature to listen to the stories in audio version but you have to become a member of Medium for that.

Medium allows you to write or share your own story. You can start from zero, learn, interact and grow. Medium also pays the writers if they are read and appreciated by members of Medium.

Stories can be written in its nice clipboard. You can insert a picture, mention people or organizations, create list etc. Incompleted stories can be saved in draft and posted later.

App link: Android/iOS

2. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel

free Word processor for writers - JotterPad - Book Screenplay, Novel

JotterPad is just basically like any other word editor app but it has more features compared to others. It is available in 11 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian etc. Though many of its features work in the paid versions, it still got a lot for you.

This ad-free minimalistic app has 7 types of presets for writing novel, draft, newspaper, essay, lyrics, poem and screenplay. You can customize the alignment, margin, line spacing font size, font style of title and body text which makes it one of the best writing apps.

You can write and simultaneously see how your text is going to look when you are finished writing. One of its good features is that you can research and find detail about a word while being in the app. Thesaurus and rhyming words of that word can also be checked but in the paid version of the app.

It is also possible to create a text (.txt) file and share it directly on WhatsApp, Gmail, twitter etc. JotterPad allows you to link it to Google Drive and access your items anywhere.

App link: Android

3. WordPress

Best app for aspiring writers - WordPress

If you want to develop your hobby of writing, then you can start by blogging. WordPress is a well-known app and website among bloggers. There are chances that writers you know personally are on WordPress. So it will be easy for you to follow them and improve with them. There are also hashtags which can be followed or used to discover similar content.

People mostly share poems, travel stories, short stories, love-hate tales etc. You can like, comment and share any posts across popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

App link: Android/iOS

4. Quora

App for writers - Quora

Have you ever Googled a very unusual question and end up finding a very interesting answer on Quora? Quora does not appoint people to put questions on its catalog or answer your queries. Those questions and answers are all written by the folks who wish to write.

Are you also the one who wish to write? Quora is an outstanding platform for people who are searching for inspirations to write. Follow your favorite topics from thousands of topics and also people who are experts in the particular field. You can learn, ask and also start writing answers to the questions that match your interest.

You must have seen that top answers in Quora are very well organized and explained. Lots of people learn this art of writing by reading others answers and then writing themselves. Many Top writers of Quora are capable of writing books, poems, blogs etc and many of them have lots of works published.

App link: Android/iOS

5. YourQuote

Best app for aspiring poets and writers - YourQuote

This is a new trending app best suited for aspiring poets and quote writers. YourQuote’s interface is like Instagram. You can follow your friends or other people. When you write a poem or a quote, you can choose from many attractive fonts and backgrounds. It even allows you to upload and use your own background for your text.

There are also daily challenges for writing poems, quotes, verses etc. They are given by the curators to help you grow as a writer and poet.

You can enter a caption and use hashtags by which your creations will be more discoverable. Many people also write the title as the main text and post their long poetries and stories in the caption. If you write really well you can be famous.

There is also the option to share the picture directly on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. A new feature on YourQuote allows you to record and post an audio or video of you performing live.

App link: Android/iOS

6. Poet Assistant (English)

App to help poets and writers - Poet Assistant (English)

This is yet another best app for writers. Poet Assistant is there to assist you whenever it is getting tough to get along the words. It is not just for poets but writers can benefit from it too.

There is no sign in and all, you just download the app and enter a word. The app shows you rhyming words, synonyms, and its meaning. You can also see many interesting words from ‘Word of the day’ and favorite any word to see later.

There is another feature which allows you to listen how your poem sounds, by entering your poem’s text in it. This app works perfectly offline too.

App link: Android

7. Evernote

App for writing a book - Evernote - stay organized

This is currently the most popular note-taking app available on major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. All your data is stored in its cloud storage which can be accessed from anywhere by signing in. It means you can easily switch from your phone to PC while writing. You just have to sign in from your Google account and all your data can be accessed from PC too.

It is not just for simply writing text but also save your writings in a text, photos, audio, videos etc. You can also attach pdf files, word files and other documents. This app can also be used to make checklists, to-dos and reminders. If you are writing something personal, you can even set a passcode lock or fingerprint sensor.

App link: Android/iOS

8. Novelist

Best app for novel writing - Novelist

Novelist is an amazing app for writing that can help you write a complete novel. The concept of this app is kind of note making one but best suited for novel writers. It can also be very useful to you if you want to write a long story or play.

There are many sections in the app where you can organize your content. For example, in Plot section, it allows you to write about themes, events, characters, locations etc. In Organize section you can write about parts of the novel, then their subsections – chapters and inside chapters – scenes.

Though this app is little complicated to understand if you are using it for the first time. Worry not, there is a tutorial to help you make the best use of this app and also guide you how to write a well-formatted novel.

App link: Android

9. Mirakee

App for new writers - Mirakee Writing Community

Mirakee is also an Instagram look-alike social network for aspiring poets and storytellers like YourQuote but it has fewer users. Here too you can write your work on any background or caption and post it. You are allowed to follow fellow writers and friends.

It is quite similar to YourQuote but Mirakee claims to be a community with published writers on its board. You can sign in with your Facebook or Google account. It asks you if you are a published writer, and if it is so, your work will be featured and promoted.

The difference I found between these 2 apps is you can save your work on Mirakee as a draft for posting it later. And also your can repost the work of others.

App link: Android/iOS

10. iA Writer

Word editor app - iA Writer

We can finish this list with a simple but catchy word editor app iA Writer.  It is free on Android but paid on iOS. It has a cool interface and also a feature to enable night mode. You can also preview your writing.

It also allows you to make folders in which similar topics can be written or saved. You can link it to Google Drive through which your content can be accessed from other devices. It can be connected to your WordPress and Medium account to share your work directly.

App link: Android/iOS

Writing is a continuous and lifelong learning process. No matter how far you reach, there is still something to learn and write. So, these were some best apps for writers that can improve your productivity, creativity, thinking capacity etc. We hope they will definitely help you on the path to becoming a successful writer. If you think we missed any amazing app that has helped you to grow as a writer, let us know in the comments.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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