How To View And Recover Android Notification History

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Has it ever happened that you have loads of notifications on your mobile but out of habit you accidentally deleted all of them?

Well, there is quite a chance that you deleted a useful notification without checking (for example, a status update from your friend’s WhatsApp) or some notifications simply didn’t show. It can be really disturbing to see those notifications disappear without giving them a look.

But thanks to some of the apps available on the Play Store, that allows us to view old notifications easily.

So, in this article, you’ll find out how you can recover Android notification history and see the past notifications.

Note: You won’t be able to recover the notifications which you deleted when the apps mentioned here were not installed on your Android phone. 

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Check Deleted Notifications On Android Phone

Many phones having Android latest version do not have Settings shortcut in their widgets section. So, there are many apps that can be used to get this task done, but we have selected two apps that work absolutely well. It will definitely work on your Android phone too and assist you in getting the lost notifications back.

1. Notification History

1. If you are reading this article on your phone then you can directly download the app from Play Store. Or you can manually search for Notification History in Google Play Store. There are also other apps available with the same name so the developer of this app should be checked. (mydloch’s dev-team.)

Notification history - android app

2. Open the app and give necessary permissions like Accessibility, Notification access, etc.

Recover notification log android - Notification history

3. Now you can see all the notifications of your phone on this app’s home screen. Remember that it is not possible to see the past notifications of the time before the app was installed.

The app allows you to delete all the notifications by a dedicated button at the top right. You can also delete a particular notification by right/left swipe. Using this app you can also see yesterday’s notifications and also the notifications that you received a week ago, directly from the menu. This app can also be used to check deleted messages on WhatsApp as the messages’ notification will be saved in the app.

2. Notisave

The above-mentioned app is quite amazing and has almost every feature that you expect a notification app to have. If in any case, the above app didn’t work for you, here is another app that will work equally well.

1. Install the Notisave app from the Play Store. The developer of the app is TENQUBE Inc.

2. Once installed, launch Notisave on your mobile. Before being successfully opened, the app will ask for various permissions. You can read those permissions if you want and tap on Allow.

Notisave app permissions

3. Once you are done with giving permission, Notisave will start running on your device. Now any notification that you receive will automatically appear in Notisave also.

notification history in Notisave

If you don’t want to open the app from which you got the notification, but still want to check the context of the message, you can easily do that using Notisave.

Other Features Of The App

Saving Whatsapp Story

Other than saving notifications, this app has some other features too, which makes it quite impressive and much more useful. Using Notisave you can easily save the WhatsApp status of other people. You just need to open the status you desire to save and tap on the download icon given at the left bottom. The downloaded status will appear in the SAVED tab in Notisave.

save whatsapp story using Notisave

Blocking Notifications

You can also block or allow various apps for sending notifications to the Status Bar of your mobile screen. In case of blocking notification, the notifications from those apps will no more appear on the status bar, but you can still check them in the Notisave app if you want. To block or allow notifications from certain apps, just tap on Block notifications option and toggle on/off button in front of that app.

block notifications using Notisave

Recover Android Notification History: Final Words

There is one more notification tracker app you will find useful that we used to view the deleted WhatsApp messages. You can read about that in our earlier guide which explains how to read WhatsApp messages even if they are unsent.

We all know the importance of notifications. Apps like these are of great help at times to view the deleted notification by accessing the notification history. If you use any other method to regain lost notifications, let us know in the comments.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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