7 Best Instagram Hashtag Apps

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Hashtags are very important when you want your post to reach out to more number of people and get more likes or views. So in order to reach out to as many people as possible, you need the best hashtags related to the post. It happens many times when you run out of hashtags or you don’t find an appropriate hashtag. Don’t worry, here I am covering 7 best Instagram hashtag apps for Android and iPhone that will show you all the popular and trending hashtags to reach more number of Instagram users.

Get More Likes With These Instagram Hashtag Apps

Some of these apps will provide popular hashtags while some will show hashtags depending upon the picture you want to upload on Instagram. Go ahead and use these apps to find the best hashtags and get more followers and likes on Instagram.

1) Hashtags For Promotion

HashTags for Promotion


The first app in the list is Hashtag for Promotion. This application helps you to get more likes and comments on your Instagram post and increase your followers by finding the appropriate hashtag for your post.

The app offers the search live hashtag feature through which you can search for any particular hashtag and you will get the relevant hashtags in a card view format. Apart from this, you can also get the hashtags from the categories. Simple copy the tags and paste it while posting on Instagram. You can open Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter directly from the app. Apart from this, below are the few more features which this app offers:

  • Bookmark your favorite Hashtags.
  • Make your own custom Hashtags and provide the card name.
  • The App is having Ads.
  • Live Hashtag Search Feature.
  • Available for Free on Google Play Store.

Link: Google Play Store

2) Tagomatic

instagram hashtag app for iPhone -tagomatic

Tagomatic app is the best hashtag app for iPhone and iPad users. You need to type in the keyword and the hashtags related to that word will be shown. You need to pick up the desired tags and paste it in the caption while sharing the picture on Instagram.

The best part of this app is that it does not have pre-defined hashtags stored, it shows all the hashtags in real-time. So the probability of getting trending hashtags with this app is more.

Link: iTunes Store

3) Autohash

best instagram hashtag apps for android and iphone -autohash

Autohash is a quite intelligent and unique hashtag app. You need to upload a picture and it will automatically show all the hashtags related to that picture using some algorithm. I uploaded an image shown in the below picture. You can notice the hashtags it has recommended.

app to automatically picks up hashtags - autohash hashtags

Autohash app will let you mark any hashtag as a favorite for later use. It also allows you to post the image directly to the Instagram app. The app also has a location-based feature. You need to switch on the GPS and you will get relevant hashtags according to your location.

Link: Google Play Store

4) Leetags



Get more likes on your pics with Leetags app. This app has top most ratings on Google Play Store than other best Instagram hashtag apps available in the list. Apart from picking up tags from popular categories, you can search for the hashtags online. But the search feature of this app is not that good as compared to the first app in this list. In the category section, you will find that not all the subcategory hashtags are available for free, you need to make a purchase to unlock them.

The app is having a section called Options where you can set the number of hashtags to be selected by default when opening a category and also have the option to shuffle the hashtags when copying them.

This hashtag app is available for iPhone as well as for Android.

Link: Google Play Store | Apple Store

5) Top tags for Instagram Likes

hashtag apps to increase likes and followers -toptags


This app has mainly three sections: categories, favorites, and custom. The category section has all the pre-defined hashtags which you can directly copy and paste while sharing photos on Instagram. You can add some hashtags to the favorite section and use it anytime.

If you think that you need multiple types of hashtags like nature and food then Tag Mixer can help you out. It will mix the tags from different categories and you can use them directly in your post.

Link: Google Play Store

6) Best Hashtag For Instagram Autohash Tag

auto hashtag for instagram


After Autohash app, here is another app which will pick up the hashtags from your photo automatically. This app is having the best design among all the hashtag apps listed here. The app will ask you to import the picture and in no time it will show the relevant tags. Have a look at the image above. Copy the generated hashtags and directly share it from the app on Instagram or other channels.

Apart from the auto hashtag feature, it offers predefined categories from where you can copy the desired hashtags for your post and even create your custom hashtag.

Link: Google Play Store

7) TagsDock

instagram hashtag apps for ios -tagdock

The last app in the best Instagram hashtag apps list is Tags Dock. Using this iOS app, you can put tags for your pics quickly by choosing the category and copying the whole set of hashtags available.

Categories like Food, Nature, People, Family, Art, Animal and many others available from where you can directly copy the bunch of tags and use it for the Instagram post.

Link: iTunes Store

Now you have multiple choices even if you have an Android phone or iPhone. Install any desired app and get all the relevant hashtags in no time. If you have experience with any other app apart from the listed ones, you can share with us via comments.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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