7 Best Baseball Games For Android You Should Know

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Do you know what is more fun than watching baseball? Playing baseball. I know with such a hectic schedule and busy life, we all don’t get enough time to play this sport outside. But we can always play this game on our smartphones. That way, we can have fun and also manage to cooperate with our rest of day to day activities. So, check out these best baseball games for Android which you can play offline or online for free.

List Of Best Baseball Games For Android

1. Baseball 9

Baseball 9

A complete realistic baseball package with good graphics and gameplay. What I liked about it’s gameplay is the fast-paced sport and action. If you have never played a baseball game then don’t worry because this game offers tutorial sessions before you actually start playing the game.

Users can play this game offline also. But a lot of modes are available for online gaming which can be connected through the Gooogle Play account. Coming to controls, while pitching, you get two buttons: one for pitching or throwing the ball and the other one to change the direction of the pitch. And while batting, just simply move the pointer to the path from where the ball will be coming and tap on swing button to hit the ball.

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2. Real Baseball 3D

Real Baseball

Unlike the game mentioned above, this game is only in portrait mode. But still, the screen fits perfectly with the gameplay. Although the graphics are not as great as Baseball 9, but can’t expect anything better in a 16 MB game. This game can be played without any internet connection.

Pitching is comparatively easy and fun than swinging. Users get three different types of pitches they can choose from which are Fastball, 12-6 curveball, and Tailing Fastball. But not many options are there when batting. Just tap on the strike zone to swing at the correct time. Otherwise, 3 strikes and you are out.

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3. Baseball Hero

Baseball Hero

Another great offline baseball game app for Android devices. It lacks in terms of graphics capabilities, but it is best for those users who want to kill time and play baseball at the same time. I don’t think there is any other baseball game faster than this. Its fast paced and entertaining game.

All the control depends upon your swiping speed. The faster you swipe, the better player you will become. For pitching, swipe from down to up on the balls for throwing a fastball. For the left curved ball, swipe by taking a left angle. And do the exact same from the right side for delivering the right curved ball. Hitting the ball is quite tough in this game. It all depends on your timing and swiping.

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4. Baseball Star

Baseball Star

Baseball Star is a game which can be played offline without an internet connection. The app offers in-app purchases where you buy premium legend player packs which includes the player card for a specific number of teams depending upon the pack that you are buying.

There are various modes available in the game like League mode, Challenge mode, and event match. And challenger mode is further divided into 5 leagues which are minor, major, master, champion, and legend. Hitting home run is quite tough in this 3D game. But pitching is comparatively easy even for a newbie.

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5. Baseball Boy

Baseball Boy - Best baseball games for Android offline and online

One of the most addicting offline games I have come across is Baseball Boy. This is not a regular baseball game. Instead, it is an endless game which you will just keep on playing. It is solely based on hitting home runs every time.

In this game, there’s a meter moving back and forth between left and right. Try to tap on the screen when the meter is in the middle to score a perfect home run. With every shot, you will earn a certain amount. Use that amount to upgrade strength, speed, bounciness and offline earnings. As you keep progressing with the game, your game level will also start increasing. Reaching level 5 is easy but after that, it becomes a bit difficult.

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6. MLB 9 Innings 18

MLB 9 Innings 18

Biggest baseball game in this list. This game apk size is of 90 MB and it will also download additional files of 401 MB. You might have guessed by now that this is an online game. If you are looking for the best android 3D baseball game with amazing graphics and original teams, then this is for you.

This game has a live player system which will automatically synchronize the live stats of 2018 season. Not only that, it has over 1700 players from 30 different teams. This is the only game that includes commentary while you are playing the game. Pitching and striking seem to be real as compared to the other games.

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7. Homerun Battle 2

Homerun battle 2

This baseball game for Android is also an online game which requires additional downloaded files just like the game mentioned above. You can play this game either in single mode or in multiplayer mode with other online players. Just like Baseball boy, Homerun Battle 2 is also completely based on hitting home runs.

To hit a home run every time, just tap on the ball coming towards you in the striking zone. If you miss then, as usual, you will get a strike. 3 strikes and you are out. So no need to hurry. Wait for the perfect moment. I would recommend you to play solo till you get better at this game. Then start playing with other players.

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Bottom Line

All of these games can be played offline and also some of them in online mode. If you really want to play the best baseball game then no one can come near to the content of MLB 9. And if you just want a time pass baseball game then Baseball Boy is the best option for you.

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