13 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Better Experience

According to me, any earphone or headphone you buy should support the noise cancelling feature. Not only it helps in removing extra noise and sound from the outside world but also aids in a better music and audio quality even at a lower volume. So check out all these top noise cancelling headphones that are suitable for use at work and some of these are also available at a cheap price.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Available Now

1. Sony WH 1000XM2

Price – $348.00

Sony WH 1000XM2- best noise canceling headphones

This is the best noise cancelling headphone delivered by the Sony brand. 1000XM2 is a wireless over the ear Bluetooth headphone with microphone. It has high-res audio quality and active sound cancellation which can easily eliminate extra background noise. One of the best thing about this headphone is that you also get touch controls and ambient sound mode and can support up to 30 hours of battery life.

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2. Audio Technica ATH-ANC 9

Price- $117.95

Audio Technica ATH-ANC 9

This one is for those users who are looking to buy the cheap and best noise cancelling headphones. It comes at an affordable price and still offers great features. It supports active noise cancelation and can reduce up to 95% of the irrelevant noise. There are 3 modes available which you can select according to your own preference. ANC 9 also comes with the in-line microphone because of which you don’t need to yell at the microphone as it can pick up and transfer your voice even from a certain distance.

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3. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Series 2

Price- $349.00

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 series 2

A perfect noise cancelling headphone with mic for better call quality and music quality as well. And the best part about this headphone is that it also supports Amazon Alexa. That means, you won’t be needing manual or touch controls, you simply use the voice commands. This headphone can support up to 20 hours of battery life in the wireless mode and can extend till 40 hours in wired mode.

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4. Philips NC1/27 Fidelio

Price- $94.99

Philips NC1

Another one at an affordable price. This piece of sound hardware is a premium noise cancelling headphone with ergonomic foam memory cushions which is great for comfortable wearing. Wear and use it for as long as you can and still, you won’t feel any discomfort. Sound in and out will be minimal. And it can support up to 25 hours of battery life. The only drawback with this product is that it is not wireless. Rest is all good and you consider this one to use at your office for work.

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5. Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Price- $349.95

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Who doesn’t love headphones with matte black color? This is a pure ANC noise cancelling headphone to prevent external noises. With 22 hours of playback, you can use this headphone for a complete day without plugging in the charger. It also supports fast charging through which you can achieve 3 hours of playback after only 10 minutes of charging the device.

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6. Sennheiser HD 4.50

Price- $199.95

sennheiser hd 4.50

Sennheiser is probably the best leading headphone brand worldwide. And this product speaks it why. This is a Bluetooth wireless headphone with active noise cancelation. It has aptX technology for the best wireless sound experience. Controls are near the ear cups for changing tracks or answering calls. Although the battery life is 19 hours which is less as compared to other competitors. But on the other hand, you get 2 years of warranty.

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7. BOHM B76

Price- $94.95


These are the wireless Bluetooth cushioned headphones with active ambient noise blocking. Two color variants of this product are available in black and brown gold color. Approximate time to charge this device is 2 hours.  Once fully charged, you can use this for up to 16 hours. It is also great for wearing during workout sessions and running because of the folded design making it easily portable. These are one of the cheapest headphones on this list.

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8. JBL Everest 750

Price- $198.60

JBL everest 750

Another great brand with an excellent hardware. This headphone comes with echo cancellation technology which is best for crystal clear audio quality during calls. I personally loved the design of this one because of big ear cups and JBL branding. Battery support is up to 15 hours only but to make it even, JBL has also given a quick charging feature. You can also update these headphones using JBL headphone app on your smartphone.

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 9. Bowers & Wilkins PX

Price- $389.00

Bowers & Wilkins PX

They claim that this headphone will take you to the very heart of the music. It has adaptive noise cancellation which you can easily customize to your preference. PX has provided optimized listening experience along with natural stereo perspective. If you want it to stop playing music, then just simply remove the ear cup from your ear and place it down which will automatically put the hardware to sleep.

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10. Samsung Level On

Price- $149.99

Samsung Level On

It is definitely the best noise canceling headphone from a huge brand like Samsung. Unlike other headphones which are heavy and bulky in design, this one is lighter and sleek. This headphone supports active noise cancellation. You can use this device for up to 11 hours and even up to 23 hours when not using noise cancelation feature. And it offers touch controls instead of manual ones.

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11. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

Price- $174.10

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

If you are looking for an overall cool design and build quality, then this one is for you. This has by far the best design quality, according to me. And like many devices mentioned here, it also supports Active Noise Cancellation and high-res audio quality. You can stream music for around 24 hours once it is fully charged. With this hardware, enjoy wireless connectivity even from a distance of 100 meters. And this is surely the best headphone for traveling because you can turn the ear cups as flat for portability.

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12. AKG N60NC Wireless

Price- $231.35

AKG N60NC Wireless- best noise canceling headphones

Another headphone with such a cool design. Users can fold and pack this headphone to their bags easily or even to the compact case provided. Just like the headphone mentioned above, it also has Active Noise Cancelation which is perfect for only hearing what you want. With ANC turned up, you can achieve the battery life of 15 hours and can be extended to 30 hours when it is switched off. Overall, this is one of the best noise cancelling headphones out there in the market.

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13. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Price- $66.99

TaoTronics Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Definitely, the cheapest noise-canceling headphones that you will find. Even at such a low price, it still offers active noise canceling features like most of the headphones in this list do. This ANC is optional which can be turned off via ANC switch. And it certainly doesn’t lag behind anywhere in other functionalities also. It can be used actively for about 25 hours. Enjoy the disturbance-free calls with the help of incorporated cVc 6.0 noise-canceling microphone.

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Final Words

Picking any single favorite from this article is quite tough. It all comes down to the priority and brand trust. For me, Sony WH 1000XM2 stand as the best noise cancelling headphone just because I have used Sony headphone and earphones for over three years now. And they have not given me any reason to switch to any other brand. And all my friends will pick Sennheiser over any other company. So again, the final decision totally depends upon you.


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