How To Put SoundCloud Songs On Instagram Story

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SoundCloud is one of the best music sharing and streaming platforms. With over 175 million users worldwide, it is a go-to service for users to upload and promote their music.

To further improve their platform, SoundCloud has given its users a pretty easy way to share and promote SoundCloud music on Instagram Stories which is used by more than 400 million users.

With this update, you don’t have to take screenshots from SoundCloud and post them on the Instagram story. Instead, you can directly use the new option which is built right into the SoundCloud app to share SoundCloud song links to the Instagram story.

Here’s how.

Post SoundCloud Tracks To Instagram Stories

The update is rolled out for both Android and iOS. So, update your SoundCloud before starting with the steps.

1. Open SoundCloud app and go to the desired song.

2. Next, tap on the share icon and select Share to Instagram Stories.

Share SoundCloud Songs To Instagram stories

3. With this, you will be taken to Instagram Stories and the song or album cover will be set as a background. Along with that, there’s a sticker with the SoundCloud logo and title of the song. You can resize and move the sticker as you wish.

Post SoundCloud On Instagram Story

4. After that, if you want you can do editing to your story like adding text, hashtags, stickers like Poll, etc. and finally post it to your story.

That’s all you need to do! Viewers will have to tap on Play on SoundCloud at the top and select Open SoundCloud to listen to that track on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Songs Links On Instagram story

This means that it only adds a link to the songs and not the actual song itself. So, users need to navigate away from Instagram to listen to the songs. Also, if you don’t have the SoundCloud app installed then the song will be opened in the browser of your smartphone and it will play without any issues.

Final Words

Even though the latest feature adds only links to SoundCloud songs, it still is a great way to promote SoundCloud music on Instagram.

You can do a similar thing with WhatsApp status update if WhatsApp is really your cup of tea (read more about WhatsApp stories).

Now, you are only a couple of taps away to share the songs and get them in front of a large number of users that use Instagram. So, what are you waiting for?

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